Six Ways Your Pharmacy Can Benefit From A Mobile POS System

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Have a small business? Thinking about updating your POS system? Here are six reasons why you should at least consider getting a mobile POS system:

1. Mobility. Okay, this one seems obvious with a “mobile POS system.” But have you thought about what it really means? It means that pharmacists have the ability to serve customers and complete transactions literally anywhere in the store, and even out in the parking lot. You know those burger joints in the 1950s that delivered food right to your car? You can actually turn your pharmacy into the same kind of business (minus the food…maybe).

2. Space-saving. So if you do want to give your pharmacy a 1950s burger joint-esque feel, mobile POS systems give you the flexibility to redesign your store in any way you like. Instead of having to work around a bulky cash register, businesses have the flexibility to focus on interior designs that promote employee-customer interaction and which give each store a personalized environment.

3. Flexible payment methods. Newer POS systems are often preferred because they offer faster and more reliable services for paying with credit cards — which is important, because fewer consumers are carrying around cash these days. But many POS systems also process gift cards and other payment methods, including network cash drawers for processing normal cash transactions.

4. Traditional cash register services. Switching to a mobile POS system doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice security measures, and it doesn’t mean your business has to go completely paper-free. Mobile POS devices are able to capture signatures, process coupons, scan prescription bar codes, track sales information for each customer, and print receipts on demand. Although, if “going green” is something about which you are concerned…

5. Paper-free options. …then mobile POS systems allow you to track inventory and sales without wasting paper, and without wasting products. Traditional cash registers often print multiple receipt copies automatically, but newer POS software makes it easy to bypass this process. Alternatively, customers who strongly prefer paper records can be accommodated just as easily.

6. Serious inventory management. Tracking sales patterns and promotion effectiveness allows business owners to determine which products are in high demand, and which products customers can do without. Modern POS systems offer real-time sales information, which makes these calculations even easier and allows a business to offer a greater variety of products that customers actually want. Pharmacy POS systems not only track prescription information, but also track product inventory in the main part of the store.

Of course, not every business (or every pharmacy) will benefit from mobile POS. But even updating to newer POS software can be invaluable for small businesses that can’t afford to waste time and money. New POS systems allow businesses to focus less on boring organizational details, and more on providing customers with the best service possible. More like this blog: Pharmacy pos system

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