Struggling to Choose an SEO Company? These Pointers Are for You

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Do you realize that more internet users will spend more money online in 2014 than in any previous year? According to statistics from eMarketer, web surfers will pump approximately $1.5 trillion into the digital economy by the end of the year. With 93% of all online experiences still beginning with a search engine service, like Google, implementing modern, effective search engine optimization strategies has never been more important.

Of course, not everyone understands the general and local SEO strategies the best SEO services put into their clients’ campaigns. If this sounds like you and you’re tired of being outdone by your competitors with inferior products and customer service, here’s how to find an SEO company that can change your fate.

How to Choose Between the Best and the Worst SEO Company Services

  1. “We’ll Get You to Page One” is a Worthless Guarantee
  2. For Search Engine Journal, one of the dead giveaways of a less than stellar SEO company is one simple promise: “We’ll get you to page one!” It’s possible that a great SEO company can get your business onto the first page of Google SERPs; however, Google’s algorithm is far too dynamic, with too many little checks for success, to ever guarantee anything. If the first thing a company does is make you this thin promise, move along.

  3. Know What Makes SEO Good, Even if You Don’t Know How to Do It
  4. It goes without saying that successful SEO is all about doing things that Google finds to be ethical. Why? The Silicon Valley giant controls an estimated 70% of the search engine market. That’s why LocalU recommends every business owner read up on Google’s SEO guidelines. Following this guide, you’ll know the surest signs of a bad SEO company, and all the signs of a good one.

  5. Honestly Assess Your Needs
  6. No SEO company will ever be able to fulfill your needs if you don’t actually know what they are. For MOZ, addressing this problem is as simple as giving your business an honest self-assessment. Do you just need a little consulting work until you’re up to speed, or do you need a long term partner who can manage your SEO campaign for the foreseeable future? Figure this out beforehand to narrow your search to the companies that fit your needs.

  7. Look at What Matters, Ignore the Rest
  8. It can be extremely tempting to choose SEO services based on their size, their own PageRank in SERPs, and a number of other factors that have little real bearing on their ability to service your business. Instead, as Forbes suggests, you should be looking at the things that really matter: proven track record, matching business culture, and strategies based on good analytics. All the rest is meaningless.

Do you work in the world of digital marketing? What advice would you give to business owners looking for an SEO company to give their business that competitive edge? Let us know in the comment section below! Reference links:

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