Three Reasons Why All Businesses Should Optimize Their Websites for Mobile Devices

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Just a few years ago, mobile internet users were few and far between. Businesses rarely optimized their websites to feature a good mobile web design because so few visitors were using mobile devices, and the best digital marketing campaigns were always conducted through desktop internet pages because there was a better chance at getting a solid return on investment due to more ad space.

But it’s becoming clear that a good mobile web design is incredibly important when creating the best digital marketing campaigns for your business. Here are just a few more reasons why a good web design is one that incorporates a mobile-optimized web page design:

  • It’s estimated that about 56% of Americans own smartphones today, and the number of people who own tablets is skyrocketing as well.

  • Although mobile internet users tend to search for basic business information more than anything else, they still notice the entire mobile web design of your business’ website and will make judgments about whether or not to trust your business. About 75% of internet users state that a professional web design shows that a business is more trustworthy, about 52% of mobile internet users state that they’re less likely to engage with a business if they don’t like its website, and about 48% believe that a business just doesn’t care if it hasn’t optimized its website for mobile devices.

  • Web traffic isn’t the only thing that matters — sales on mobile devices are important too. Back in 2011, over $1 trillion worth of retail sales were influenced by or conducted on the internet, and recent data shows that mobile web sales are dwarfing online sales conducted via desktop computers.

There’s no other way to put it: if your business hasn’t optimized its website for mobile devices, then it’s probably already been suffering, and mobile interest usage is only going to increase in the future.
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