Mobile POS Systems Are Taking Over, And Here’s Why

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Mobile POS systems are popping up everywhere these days — whether you buy your coffee by swiping your card on a smartphone, or even buying your prescription medications through a handheld retail pharmacy POS system at your local drug store. But why exactly are these mobile point of sale systems becoming so popular all of a sudden? And are they just a short-lived trend or something that’s likely to last for a while?

The short answers here are: 1) mobile point of sale systems are just so much more convenient, especially for small businesses, than any other type of traditional cash register; and 2) these awesome handheld payment systems aren’t about to go anywhere soon! Now that POS manufacturers have even begun producing retail pharmacy POS systems and other specialized software systems for restaurants and retail stores, every business owner has the opportunity to take advantage of the technology.

According to the latest predictions, analysts think that mobile POS will be worth about 46% of market share by 2017, and considering that the number of mobile POS terminals increased by more than 110% from 2011 to 2012, it’s not surprising that experts predict that this industry will continue to grow so quickly.

Consumers like mobile POS systems because they look nice, they process transactions quickly, and they’re equipped with the best security protection available. More importantly, mobile systems tend to process transactions faster than traditional registers, and in many cases, stores that incorporate mobile POS systems allow their employees to make transactions while talking to customers in the aisles rather than being stuck behind a counter and a big cash register.

And businesses like mobile POS systems for pretty much the same reasons! These systems are convenient and affordable, they allow employees to interact more with customers, and they free up a lot of space in the store which can filled with products to sell instead.

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