The 3 Biggest Things to Expect From Your Digital Marketing Agency in 2015

Digital marketing

Over the last few years, marketing to an online audience has gradually overcome all other forms of marketing and advertising. As companies continue to allot more money toward digital marketing — and less toward traditional advertising methods like television and radio — it’s clear this trend will continue, especially when e-commerce generates a stunning $1.2 million in just 30 seconds.

Knowing this, what is the new normal in digital marketing? Do successful online marketing strategies focus more on SEO services, or are they centered more around high quality web design? Find out what’s driving digital marketing in 2015 with this list of the year’s top three trends so far:

Individualized marketing

Did you know that a recent Forbes survey reported that individualized marketing is now either embedded or strategic for an incredible 78% of online marketers and web developers? By definition, individualized, or personalized, marketing is any marketing effort designed to be tailored to an individual customers’ interests. For example, users’ browsing habits on Facebook influence the types of sponsored content they will see. Expect to see much more individualized marketing throughout the year.

Strong SEO strategies

In 2015, SEO services are no less important than they have been in previous years. This year, local search, social SEO, “look-alike” targeting and interest graph targeting will all be the biggest buzzwords influencing SEO professionals. A strong paid SEO strategy is the key to getting your company’s website seen.

Above all else, content

With recent changes to Google’s search engine algorithms, high-quality web content is more valuable to brands than ever before. Be sure to focus on the Three C’s — create, curate, cultivate — when generating new marketing content. Additionally, upping social interaction on this content is key to building buzz for your brand.

Do you agree with this list? What do you expect from your digital marketing agency these days? Share your thoughts and insights about digital marketing and SEO services with us in the comments below.

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