How Commercial Printing can Stretch Your Advertising Dollar Further

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We live in a time when the small business has the opportunity to succeed in the face of competition thanks to reliable products and smart advertising. 3 out of every 4 businesses contribute their success to ideal marketing strategies that employ the use of both digital communication and products made by commercial printing companies such as business cards, custom promotional products, and other innovative advertisements. The products provided by commercial printing companies give customers a tangible and often useful reminder of your business.

Mailed Advertisments

When you need to inform your customer base of excited deals, offers, or specials, 73% of Americans and 67% of Canadians prefer direct mail to read at their convenience. By looking for commercial printing companies, you can economically print thousands of advertisements to be sent to your customers.


Calendars are thoughtful and unique advertising methods that are guaranteed to remind your customers of your business. Most customers keep promotional calendars for all 12 months of the year, thereby ensuring that you have a solid year’s worth of advertising power thanks to commercial printing companies.

Car Wraps
A company vehicle with a custom vinyl wrap gives you the advantage of a mobile advertisement. Nearly half of those surveyed agreed that car wraps are the most unique advertising medium available on the market. Commercial printing companies can sit down with business owners and determine every aspect of the wrap to ensure that your business remains ahead of the competition’s.

Business Cards
All over the world there exists a culture built solely around the exchange of business cards. With around 27,397,260 cards printed daily, its no wonder why its expected that a business owner have their own card. Commercial printing companies can print your card to your exact specifications. There are even commercial printing companies online that lets the customer design their card the way they want to.

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