Digital and Offset Printing Services Provide a Variety of Products at Competitive Prices

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Digital and offset printing costs vary depending on the urgency of the deadline and the quantity needed. Today, more than ever before, the benefits of of working with printing companies are great. Not only can digital and offset printing services create custom printed items from your designs, but they often have a staff who will create your design if needed.

One way to market your company and its name to consumer is through their mailbox. Did you know that 62% of Americans and 63% of Canadians say they enjoy checking the mailbox for postal mail. While they are likely most looking for a personal correspondence from a friend across the country or a scholarship check that should arrive any day, these anxious-to-get-their-mail Canadians and Americans can’t help but take notice of your company flyer when it shows up in their box as well. In fact, if they do not go through the mail on the way from the mailbox, once the mail is brought into the home, 80% say they sort the mail immediately while 18% say they sort it later that day. either way, their eyes will land on your information.

As opposed to emails, 73% of U.S. consumers and 67% of Canadian consumers indicate they prefer direct mail for brand communications. They enjoy having the opportunity to read the information at their convenience. If, for example, your company sends a calendar as a promotional device, you increase the likelihood that the customer will see your brand name multiple times over an extended period of time. On average, consumers keep promotional calendars for all 12 months of the year.

If 84% of Americans retain a company’s name when they receive promotional gifts with that company’s logo on it, doesn’t it make sense for you to be part of the $44.5 billion spent on direct mail marketing In 2014 by U.S. companies?
The challenge, of course, comes in creating a logo or image brand that will stick with the customer. You want, for example, your business card to be the one they remember. When you realize that there are 27,397,260 business cards printed daily, it becomes even more imperative that you create a design that will get noticed.

Digital and offset printing products ranch the gamut from barricade wraps to car wraps to banner printing and outdoor billboard printing. Working with a printing service that provides long term services, as well as 24 hour service when it is needed, will increase the change of potential customers remembering your company name when they need your product or services.

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