Isn’t It Time That You Learned About Cloud Computing and Its Benefits?

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When was the last time you lost a project, photo, or contact information on your personal computer or on your mobile phone? Whether it just happened a few minutes ago or a few months ago, losing any kind of digital data makes a user aware of the necessity of digital storage and back up. If you are a small to medium size business servicing customers you likely have also experienced an incident of lost data or computer down time. It is at these moments when business owners realize that it is time to learn about cloud computing and available services. Losing a single piece of information or data as an individual has an impact for the user. This loss or down time for a business owner has far reaching consequences.

If you own a small to medium sized business, with anywhere from 5-100 computers, and are looking for private cloud storage, you might be surprised by how many options you have available. Healthcare and dental offices, as well as legal, manufacturing, retail and non profit companies can all benefit from a cloud storage system and a back up disaster recovery plan.

Did you know that cloud computing is priority for many organizations? In fact, security (36%), cloud computing (31%), and mobile devices (28%) are the top three initiatives IT executives are planning to have their organizations focus on during the next year. By 2018, more than 60% of all enterprises will have at 50% of their infrastructure on cloud-based platforms to make their business practices more efficient, secure and reliable.

Smart businesses do not wait to learn about cloud computing until they have had a major data breach or down time session. The best practice is to contact a company with private cloud services and ask for a cloud readiness assessment. If you are part of the 42% of IT decision makers planning to increase spending on cloud computing in 2015, it is imperative that you fully explore backup disaster recovery solutions long before they are needed. The time to learn about cloud computing and what it can offer your company is now. Did you know, for example, that 88% of organizations use public cloud, while 63% use private cloud? Eighty-two percent of businesses have a hybrid cloud strategy, combining use of both public and private services.

In today’s digital world, whether you are an individual user or a company providing services to thousands, system down time is a given. When this down time occurs, will you be a company who already has a plan for off site storage that will allow you to quickly get your system up and running again? Or will you be one of the forward-thinking IT executives who made a disaster recovery plan well in advance of when it is needed?

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