Is Your Business Safe and Secure? The Future of Cloud Computing for Businesses

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There are currently over 4 billion individual websites available for perusal online, and approximately eight out of 10 have had serious security concerns in the last three years. A shocking statistic, but since cloud hosting servers are still a relatively new technology it makes sense that web page hosting security would be an evolving issue for businesses.

Basically, cloud web hosting refers to the relocation of dedicated servers to an offsite facility. The best dedicated server hosting facilities provide security for sensitive files that businesses used to maintain onsite, but the shift to cloud computing and website hosting services is increasingly being done to save money.

A virtual dedicated server hosting business files eliminates the need for government offices, schools, and businesses to maintain their own servers and can also provide small businesses with enhanced file security. Cloud-based web page hosting is seen as effective by its clients: more than half of all businesses who use the cloud reported that their businesses were operating more smoothly as a result.

What remains is the ever-present need to acquire customers: social media marketing and email marketing is still the go-to strategy for website design companies to increase customer traffic.

Appropriate keywords and links to other websites must be included on a website to increase its ranking on search engines: four out of 10 shoppers start by searching for a product or business online, as opposed to going directly to the company’s website for goods or services.

With the cost of web page hosting going down and security measures constantly increasing, businesses of every size are able to spend more time and money on digital marketing and social media marketing.

Most businesses maintain a social media presence, and also email customers regularly: even though only about one in 20 emails results in a sale, the cost of sending emails and having an online presence is low enough to make the process worthwhile.

The major issues that businesses face online are: the competition to stay on top in search engines’ rankings, the cost of maintaining files and security protocols, and the constant need to gain more customers. In a world with billions of internet pages and potential customers, this can be trying work, no matter how low the overhead costs.

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