You’re Overlooking One Critical Marketing Medium

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Don’t be fooled into thinking digital media is the be-all and end-all of marketing today. When a consumer can hold your logo in their hands, that goes a heck of a lot farther than a web banner they don’t pay attention to.

Commercial printing is the key to today’s most sustained businesses. The biggest businesses have adapted to the online market, but they haven’t let their print marketing become obsolete. Consumers will remember the name of a company 80% more often when they get a promotional gift such as coupons with the company logo printed on them. Most consumers actually enjoy checking their mailbox for such communications. Here are some materials you shouldn’t forget during your next marketing strategy meeting.

#1 Good Old Fashioned Posters

Posters connect with the community. And Commercial printing lets you connect with a lot of communities. Unlike billboards, posters are at eye level and are on a scale everyone is familiar with. Viewers can sometimes touch it, take it home, share it, take an informational tab from the bottom, or make their own notes on it. It’s a great way to connect with a community, and commercial printing services can produce hundreds within minutes. Custom printed items will draw the eye, while standard simple formatting gives off the impression of this being an everyman’s communication. Marketing is all psychology, so figure out what image you want to communicate and to whom.

Speaking of psychology, here’s a tip: while you’re running a television commercial printing posters which compliment that commercial offer a clever way to jog a viewer’s memory in two medium, planting your own name in their heads even more firmly.

#2 Business Cards

Still the easiest way to network. Over 27 million business cards are printed by commercial printing companies every day, cards which are then given to new contacts, hiring managers, affiliates, and businesses who will happily display them where their customers can grab them. It’s a great way to turn someone’s passing thought into a more persistent curiosity and patronage.

Commercial printing companies offer so many options that you’ll have no problem creating a card that is artistic or simple or even embellished with a small token to have it pop out from the rest.

#3 Barricade Wraps

If your building is under construction, don’t let the safety barriers keep you from marketing. Some commercial printing companies offer barricade wraps, which are large poster-like prints that cover construction barricades with whatever you choose to have printed. You can chose an image of the finished building, a rundown of how your service will now be better, or eye-pleasing directions to the nearest entrance. Your local commercial printing service can give you ideas and help judge what will best fit. Along with marketing, these wraps can cave you some lost customers by making it obvious you ARE open despite the work being done (if such is the case).

These are just a few commonly overlooked strategies today. Your local commercial printing company will offer hundreds of printing solutions for you to consider. The freedom commercial printing offers over at-home printing will make any marketing campaign burst with creativity and eye-catching sales. Commercial Printing is also far cheaper than television, newspaper, or radio advertisement, and you have complete control over how your material is presented.

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