How Don Draper Would Make a Killing From Twitter

Digital media marketing

Starting your own web based business can initially be challenging. Once you have your product or service, the real work comes in. Even though the world is becoming more and more dependent on the web each day, online marketing can still be a tricky task. With millions upon millions of web pages, advertisements and blogs, getting the word out about your product or service can sometimes end up being white noise in the void of the world wide web. However, with clever website design and a sound digital marketing strategy, you can greatly increase your odds of jumping to the front of the line. Below are some marketing and advertising tips for beginning businesses.

Branding Your Product
Branding is a simple concept if you think in terms of a cocktail party. Imagine how many people you have run into in your life named John or Sarah, probably hundreds. Now think of how many of them you probably remember and why. We usually only remember people who have been able to leave a lasting impression. The same concept applies your branding, you want to be able to set your product apart from the rest of the field by branding it as the most innovative or exceptional. Even if your product is one of a million others you can still make it stand out. This also applies to your website design and maintenance. You want to make sure that your web presence sets a good impression, make sure that your web coding is as cutting edge as you want you product to be viewed.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage
Sometimes the best marketing and advertising tips are right in front of your face. Social media is an ingrained part of our society and when utilized correctly is a powerful tool. Well all have the friends who can not go one day without checking their Facebook or Twitter feed. Major corporations hire internet marketing expert to develop elaborate social media plans. You can take a page from the big boys and develop your own social media presence. Create a professional twitter or Instagram, but instead of posting pictures of your latest meal or cute kittens, like you might do with your personal account, use it to display your products and services. Your feeds can serve as an up to date product guide, for free.

Making Budgets and Realistic Goals
Arguably the most important part of any business venture is effective goal setting and budgeting. Without proper planning no amount of marketing and advertising tips will help to make your business successful. Keep in mind that most businesses, no matter how modest, run at a deficit for a period of time before becoming successful. Make sure that you are adequately accounting for not only the amount of money you are using for you products and advertising, but also the cost in time. If you are spending 45 hours a week to turn over a profit of a few dollars maybe it’s time to plan a different strategy.

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