4 Ways You Can Advertise Through Traditional Printing

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Starting up almost any business in today?s world can be a challenge, especially in increasingly-tight markets. Many assume that online advertising is the way to go, and it certainly should be utilized. But there?s also something to be said for print advertisements, with 70% of small business saying that they?d prefer ad campaigns with a combination of print and digital communication. Not only can you work rather directly with printing companies, as opposed to some online ad agencies, but it gives a personal touch not often seen in digital media. What kind of advertisements can printing services provide? You might be surprised.

1. Business Cards

Yes, the business card is an old standby ? but it?s one of the few that?s just as effective today as it was when first utilized. People are more likely to remember someone?s name when it?s given through printed products. Furthermore, a business card provides something tangible for potential clients to hold on to; that way, even if they remember the service advertised but need refreshing on a name, they have something that will remind them of you.

2. Promotional Items

Something growing in popularity in the commercial printing world is promotional items. If you?re, for instance, giving out a promotional gift basket to a potential client, you?ll want your name your company?s logo on it. That?s where printing companies come in. Don?t dismiss this method of advertisement. The truth is that 84% of Americans are more likely to remember a company if its logo ? or the name of the person advertising ? accompanies any promotional gifts given. It?s not enough to give out your name verbally: you need it visually presented as well.

strong>3. Calendars

Promotional marketing isn?t simply limited to sticking your name onto a flyer with a promotional gift. Many companies have utilized promotional calendars in recent years. The thing that sets calendars apart from other options is their simple usability. It?s estimated that average consumer keeps a promotional calendar for all 12 months of the year; that?s 12 years in which they might need the services of those self-promoting. The simple presence of that calendar could help you gain a client.

4. Mail Advertisements

While promotional emails are easy to ignore ? and in fact can now be sent straight to the ?spam? folder ? advertisements sent through traditional mail can?t be overlooked. Often, they?re seen almost immediately ? with 80% of people sorting the mail immediately, and only 18% leaving it for later in the day. Getting the mail also tends to put people in a better, and therefore more welcoming, mood. 63% of Canadians report enjoying getting the mail, and 62% of Americans saying the same. Someone in a good mood is more likely to be open to advertisements. And in all of these cases, they?ll likely appreciate you taking the time to choose traditional printing.

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