New VoIP Technologies Make Communication Easier at Work and at Home

Closed-circuit television systems

Videoconferencing and telecommuting to work were once fictional improbabilities, described only in comic books and science fiction movies; in the last several years, however, they have both become so popular among internet users and businesses of all sizes that they are practically indispensable tools in the new digital economy.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, describes technology that enables the user to make telephone calls using an internet connection instead of traditional phone lines. Over 10 million meetings take place using either VoIP technology or new videoconferencing technology, a potential savings of millions for companies who embrace new communication solutions.

Companies cite lower costs and ease of sending documents to clients and co-workers. VoIP often saves clients up to half of the cost of installing and maintaining a “landline” telephone system. Worldwide, the number of VoIP users is steadily increasing and should come in at over 1 billion in the next several years.

The VoIP marketplace as a whole is worth over $75 billion, with many small businesses and telecommuting workers reporting that they would prefer to make use of digital communication solutions for their business needs. VoIP technology is often portable, enabling clients who need to travel for work to have better access to telephone systems.

With the amount of workers who work from home or from mobile offices on the rise, business phone systems need to continue to adapt to a marketplace that has changed considerably in the last few decades. Many companies are looking for security solutions, video surveillance, and wifi phone systems that are compatible with a remote workforce.

Many subscribers to VoIP systems also use them to keep in touch with friends and family members all around the world. Not only do they utilize teleconferencing technology to keep clients well-informed, but they can also connect with family members that they might not otherwise get to see. Grandparents around the world are rejoicing at the fact that teleconferencing no longer only exists in the realm of science fiction.

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