How the Most Successful Companies Do Customer Service

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For many people, patience is a commodity in limited supply. With so many businesses and companies competing over the same kinds of products, companies are completely at the mercy of the customer’s scrutinizing eye to choose their company over the competitors. It’s simple: without your customers your business couldn’t exist. For this reason, customer service has become a priority for modern companies as they continue to invest in new techniques to win the loyalty of consumers.

What the Customers Want

Up to 59% of Americans try different brands or companies in order to find a better customer service experience after having an incident with a particular company. While advertising attracts new consumers, past customer’s loyalty hinges on a quality customer service experience. Poor customer service was the reason why 78% of surveyed Americans abandoned an intended purchase. Online customers will give up on an online purchase if there is no quick response to their questions from a customer service department as well. Companies that fail to address the needs of their customers as a priority lose those customers to companies that will; this is why customer service is key to a business’ success.

Happy Customers Lead to a Happy Business

Since most customers call customer service, it makes sense to improve to a automated telephone answering service. A 24 hour answering service gives your customers the ability to contact your business day or night, thereby increasing customer satisfaction by handling complaints, questions, and concerns immediately. A quality answering service is necessary, as statistics show that consumers are over twice as likely to share a bad customer service experience with their family and friends than they are to share a pleasant experience. Hiring a small business answering service may just be the best way to settle complaints and increase your company’s customer satisfaction rating; call a professional answering service today to establish a 24 hour answering service.

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