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Where most pictures taken in previous years were meant for family albums or to be placed on the walls of homes, the advent of the internet has opened up an entirely new channel for people to share their photographs. Between blogs and social media sites, there is no shortage of communities always on the lookout for attractive and new images. And because these outlets are all completely open to the public, there’s no need to be a professional photographer for one’s work to gain recognition.

For example, the social media site, Instagram, specializes in photography with over 300 million active users sharing an estimated 70 million photos every day. With so many opportunities for exposure, photography as a hobby and profession has skyrocketed as of late. An astounding 10% of all photos ever taken, have actually been taken within the past 12 months.

Not only does modern technology allow for the mass sharing of images, but it also allows for better equipment for use in places that would have been almost impossible to photograph in years past. For example, waterproof and damage proof cameras are specifically designed to withstand harsh elements. Traveling is also made much easier with the best small digital cameras compared to relatively ancient ones the size of a small microwave, that can be carried in convenient pouches and bags for long trips.

Many nature or sports photographers may choose these products to get unique images. Nature photographers, for instance, may need to hike long trails or even climb mountains that would be made substantially more difficult if carrying a bulky camera. Sports photographers may desire to use the best small digital cameras in order to attach them to helmets or gear to get immersive images.

Now that these technologies are more readily available to the average person due to better quality and the ability to search for digital camera reviews and buy digital cameras online, more and more people are taking the initiative to make photography a career. The employment of photographers is even projected to grow about 4% from 2012 through to 2022.

Whether you may be snapping shots at a wedding or traversing a rain forest with the best small digital cameras, why not consider photography as a career?

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