How an Affordable SEO Company Can Help Your Business

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Businesses use affordable SEO companies in order to stay on the top of Google?s search pages. This is due to the fact that over 90% of all internet experiences begin with a search engine and Google owns over 65% of search engine market share. Furthermore, more than 75% of people do not go past the first page of search engine query results. Therefore, if you want your business? name as the top five most used anchored text, then you should use an affordable SEO company to increase visibility with SEO.

Affordable SEO companies can also improve your mobile presence, as well. This is important because there are almost 650 million local page views on average each week in the U.S. Half of the searches done for those pages were done on a mobile device. Based on these numbers, it is projected that by the end of this year, 2016, local mobile ad spending will increase from just over $800 million to over $18 billion. Therefore, it is important that the search engine firm that you choose have local SEO services.

Another reason why affordable SEO companies are important is that one of the benefits of SEO is that it is rated the most effective lead generation tactic by over 35% of marketers who labeled it as very effective on a recent survey. In fact, of those marketing executives surveyed, over 90% of them labeled the effectiveness of local SEO of at least effective, if not very effective.

Affordable SEO companies can work with local search engine companies in order to create compelling digital content that can make your business stand out from the over 27 million pieces of internet information that are shared every day. Therefore, your business will make an impact when the services or product your company specializes in are researched. This is important because, according to the research firm, Pew, almost 60% of people investigate online before buying anything either on the internet or in a brick and mortar store.

Furthermore, affordable SEO companies are also important because more than 70% of those asked, responded that they ignored the ads in favor of organic results and because over 75% of marketing executives state that they have strategic SEO campaigns in place and use content creation as part of those campaigns. Therefore, to be ahead of the curve, your business should hire an affordable SEO company.

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