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The internet is the hub source for information, businesses, and for a lot of human connection. With billions of websites and so many different search engines, it can be hard to promote a website or online company. There are effective tools though, such as online or local SEO services, that can help boost hits to your site and create high volume web traffic.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Online or local SEO services are designed to increase how many visitors go to a particular website, which also increases its place in search engine results. Effective placement strategies are used, as well as placement of keywords in articles and on the website, which pull up when someone puts those words in a search engine. SEO marketing is very beneficial for new and existing companies and helps target people to a website.

Information and Search Engine Facts

  • 75% of people who use a search engine do not look beyond the first page of findings.
  • SEO Marketing is rated at the top as the most effective generator of leads from traffic.
  • Website traffic hits from mobile or tablet devices have quadrupled since 2012.
  • In an average week there are over 600 million page views for local websites.

When you are developing your SEO branding strategy or doing a campaign for a local search SEO geared towards a particular website, always think of using content creation. Content creation is using information in a media or digital media fashion for specific end-user targets. Search engine optimization services use content creation over 75% of the time to market or increase the hit traffic on a website.

SEO, The Organic Search Engine Results

If you have ever heard of organic search engine results, then you may have already heard of online or local SEO services. For every search engine there are paid results, and then there are organic results. When using SEO and things like content creation, the hits to a website come naturally which creates a ranking based on actually human hits and traffic to the website. With paid search engine rankings, that just means a company or person paid to have their ad or website on a first page of a search, but that doesn’t mean people actually go to their website frequently and their information may never get viewed. The benefits of an organic and SEO route is that all viewers will actually see the posted information, they can interact with the website, and there is a higher possibility for sales or other desired results. Read this for more. Links like this.

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