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The internet and business can no longer be separated. Common thought might dictate that for-profits groups can survive without being connected to the digital world. This is, quite honestly, either no longer possible or so risky as to not be worth it. Common thought, it seems, is not always correct when it comes to business. The world has become irreparably connected and businesses need to, and have, changed to reflect that fact. To help these businesses survive online, experienced website developers offer a variety of services, all aimed at two main goals: design and content. These two ideas, when done correctly, are the main driving force of success for companies online. They work together to keep the user clicking and scrolling through the content without driving them away. The relationship between them is mutually useful to designers and public clientele but it is endlessly complicated. A closer look might help.
Content is the cornerstone of all online business. Whether it’s exclusive articles for the internet or marketing for real world goods, content is key. Every day there are 27 million pieces of content shared on the internet. Content starts with honesty and trust. Being true to the product or service in question is ethical and important to the consumer. Despite a culture of heavy cynicism stating that consumers are foolish or ignorant, most people know when they are being tricked. If the content is crude or ill-prepared, it will be never be received well. If the user sees a hateful or condescending link, they will not click on it. This is obviously not good, especially considering the constant competition for search results. 75% of users only view the first page of search results at all, so experienced web developers know that they need to keep those links intelligent and interesting. The same goes for more indirect internet marketing such as banner or video ads. These are a step removed from the content itself but if they don’t explain themselves well, are too confusing or abrasive, users will be turned off. Treat the customer well and the customer will treat the business well. It’s just common courtesy.
Design is what happens when the user is interacting with the business. Marketing and content come first but design is what ultimately attracts the customer. Experienced website developers take into account how tricky design can be before they embark on any project. Amateurs, as opposed to experienced website developers, will not pay attention to those vital details which can lead to digital business sabotage. Almost half of all users put website design as the deciding factor in a business’s credulity so its critical to get it correct. Website design is half functionality, half artistic endeavor. The site needs to look great and run quickly. 40% of all users will leave any web page if it fails to load in three seconds. That’s no trivial time for the speed of the internet. Once they begin interacting with the page, an intuitive design and pleasing color scheme will keep the activity smooth. The page can load instantly and still lose users if it’s completely garbled. Web design experts take great care to make sure this is never the case for their clients. This is common courtesy just as much as honest content. Both are necessary for a satisfying experience.

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