Despite The Digital Onslaught, Print Media Still Produce Results

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Digital media may get more publicity these days, but there’s no question that printed material still commands a huge share of a company’s marketing budget. And that’s because it continues to be successful.

About three quarters of small businesses believe in utilizing both digital and print media to reach their target customers. And today’s printing services offer them an incredible range of options for custom printed items, from new and unique styles of business cards all the way to eye-catching vinyl vehicle wraps.

Many consumers (73% in the United States) prefer receiving direct mail advertising, for a very practical reason. It gives them something to set aside and read later. So companies continue to rely upon that tried-and-true method of getting their messages out, spending about $44.5 billion on it in 2014.

In many parts of the country, you’ll find round-the-clock printing service available, and most commercial printing companies take rush jobs in stride.

One printed advertising item that has proved to be especially effective is the calendar. Rather than tossing it out, the majority of people tend to keep a company’s calendar and display it somewhere for the entire year.

Despite the constant barrage of electronic media advertising, a great many of us continue to favor direct mail printed pieces we can hold and read more than once. And promotional items of some sort with a company’s name on them have been found to create lasting brand awareness in 84% of recipients.

Businesses that use a printing service to create large format advertising such as billboards are taking advantage of the fact that it’s 80% less expensive than television ads and much less costly than newspaper and radio advertising as well. And, of course, outdoor advertising has a captive audience of drivers who must pass it one or more times each day.

Success rates for various forms of marketing are heavily researched, results are highly predictable, and the money spent is a wise investment. So if you ever find yourself wondering why companies spend so much trying to get your attention, the answer is simple: whatever they’re doing has been proven to work.

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