The Top 3 Reasons Why Every Business Should Ditch Their Traditional Phones for Hosted VoIP Systems

Voip business systems

If you’re a business owner, there are two major things that have a huge impact on whether your business fails or thrives, location, location, location, and communication, communication, communication. Although there are several factors that have a great impact on whether a business flies or flops, two of the most important are a company’s location and their communication systems. And while company’s location is extremely important, the communication systems they use to exchange information between customers and employees is of critical importance. A company can work around and make the most of a poor location, but without the proper communication systems in place, recovery is very difficult if not impossible.

From business owners to the customers they serve, everyone knows that providing world class customer services are a huge part of owning and operating a success business venture. And the best way to provide world class customer service is with world-class phone solutions and other forms of top notch company communication. Examples of some of the best world-class phone solutions available include advanced hosted telephone technologies such as a hosted VOIP system or premise based VOIP systems, both of which provide several benefits traditional based phone systems.

If your a business that’s curious about how a hosted VOIP system can improve your company’s communications, scheduling a business phone system consultation can provide personalized recommendations and solutions about VOIP systems. In the mean time, read on to find out why VOIP phone systems are among the most effective small and medium sized business phone solutions.

Much easier to set up and maintain

Voice over internet protocol or VOIP phone systems use broadband internet as a way to exchange information. This in itself has many benefits over traditional business phone solutions, including an easier set up and configuration process. In addition, hosted VOIP systems are easy for employees to learn how to use and maintain, regardless of their technical aptitude or ability. And since all other phone infrastructure besides the phone themselves are housed elsewhere with a hosed VOIP system, all employees have to do in order to become familiar with this new system is learn how to make calls, retrieve messages, and other simple things.

Hosted VOIP systems still work with older technology

Although fax isn’t nearly as popular as it once was, many businesses and their customers still use this form of communication. The great thing about hosted VOIP systems is that they are still compatible with fax. VOIP systems use virtual faxing, also called IP faxing, in order to send information in the same way as a fax would but without the need for paper and toner. The only thing that’s needed is a company email address. This makes VOIP technology extremely environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Cost savings

What business owner doesn’t want to reduce costs and save money? Money savings is one of the greatest advantages business owners can expect to experience when switching to VOIP business phone systems. Traditional business phone systems are not only expensive, but they’re a pain to set up, configure, and maintain. The installation and repair costs alone can be quite expensive! VOIP systems are significantly less expensive in terms of initial installation and continued maintenance, as well as in terms of the calls themselves. For companies that do a lot of international business, VOIP systems are a must.

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