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How many different applications are on your tablet or e-reader? Your smartphone? If you’re like most Americans, you have several devices, each with your preferred software applications.

How many devices do you own? You may be interested to know that by October 2014, 64% of adults in the United States had at least one smartphone. Here is what Americans owned by January 2014:

    Cell phones: 90%
    E-readers: 32%
    Table computers: 42%

It’s been found that for some adults, their smartphone is the primary way they access the Internet. Of those adults in the United States that own a smartphone, 7% admit to being dependent on this device.

In order to have all that information at your fingertips, however, you need a database, or databases. These are basically containers for information, or data.

A text database is the most simple type. A basic example of this type would be your phone contacts. Your smartphone stores this information, which you are then able to retrieve as well as edit and delete.

Another type of database you’ll probably be familiar with are desktop database programs. These are more complex, and include Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft Access. You are able to enter, store, protect, and retrieve large amounts of data and at a greater speed. The storage capacity is also considerably larger.

The most common type of database systems are relational. These have increased performance, and multiple users can work with the same databases simultaneously. Furthermore, they also have advanced security features to protect this data.

When you think about all the information you search for and retrieve on a daily basis, have you also thought about database design and development? Perhaps you’ve had a moment when you thought about how it would be great to have a specific mobile application on your phone. Is it available? Something like it, but not quite what you need?

Have you been thinking about having someone assist you with business application development? Or perhaps your office needs custom database development, custom Windows applications, and software development.

The type of business you have will usually dictate your software development outsourcing needs. You may need mobile-friendly web application development as well as other web applications to create a more user-friendly website.

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