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Even though it was the largest data storage contract the provider had signed all year, the basics of the deal still came down to one very simple item: server cabinets.
the new client was so big and required so much storage space that when the initial contract was signed, the cloud storage provider did not have the actual physical space that would be needed. Based on the fact that the data storage center had seven facilities in four different states, neither the customer nor the provider was worried. Both sides of the negotiating table knew that the server cabinets would be in place, the facility would be secure, and the entire process would be up and running before the end of the year.
It is just unfortunate that those final details were still being ironed out in the hotel lobby on the night of the most historic World Series game. While the Chicago Cubs were finally clinching the victory in the tenth inning of the seventh game of the series, the team of four solutions engineers and solutions salespeople were still working out the details. They saw that final pitches by the newest Chicago replacement pitcher, but did not pause for long to celebrate. Instead, they prepared the final presentation that they would give to the entire group the next day.
From discussions about the type and the quantity of server cabinets to the use of cold aisle containment options to the configuration of the network switch racks, the team was certain that they had designed a plan that would be more than acceptable to the customer and the provider.
It was a lot of details on a busy night when everyone might have rather been giving his attention to the Cubs victory, but the size of the data storage deal somewhat historic itself.
We Live in Technological Times That Require Close Attention to Detail
In a time when Ted Koppel is touring the country promoting his newest book entitled Light Out, it seems only fitting that companies around the country are making their final plans for their data storage solution. And when Koppel’s book is taking about the disabling of the country’s power grid as one of the most serious cyber attacks imaginable, it is no wonder that this very topic is on the top of the campaign talking points as the Presidential election of 2016 nears its end. As television news sources report that the federal government is going taking unprecedented steps in making sure that no other country can hack into or wreak havoc on the election process on November 8.
And while it may seem that the digital data storage industry is about large frame computers and 24/7 response times, in reality it is also about sizes and kinds of server racks and server cabinets and whether to use cold aisle containment formats or hot aisle containment formats. Even though these terms of both hot and cold are word that seem common, they are actually terms that play an essential role in the planning of any new and additional data storage space for some of the biggest companies in the nation.

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