Three Tips to Avoid Smartphone Repair

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Today it seems like every week a new iteration of smartphone is released to the masses. This might be a slight exaggeration, but it’s undeniable that these devices are becoming exponentially more ubiquitous and useful. Just last year it was reported that nearly 200 million Americans owned a smartphone. In terms of demographics, 86% of “millennials” (those born between 1982 and 2004) have a smartphone. It won’t be long until the smartphone is as common as the television, and in many ways it already is.

But unlike the television, smartphones and other smart devices like tablets and iPads are more portable. And with more portability comes the increased likelihood of damage. Dropping a phone has become so common it’s basically a trope now. We’ve all had a friend or relative with the dreaded cracked screen before. Some instances are worse than others, and certain cracked screens still allow the device to function as normal. However, 40% of iPhone users with cracked screens lost the ability to use certain letters on their keyboards or read text properly.

If you don’t want to suffer the same fate, there are a few things you can do to prevent having to make an inconvenient trip to the cell phone or iPad repair store.

1) Just Buy a Case

Most of us know how important protection is. But after buying a brand new smartphone or tablet it can feel like a drag to go the extra mile and pick up a case for it. For one thing, the sleek design of these devices begs to be untouched. We want our phones and tablets to look as pure as they did on day one. Consider, however, how impure that device will look if it’s scuffed, chipped, smudged, and cracked. Cases can be bulky and sometimes ugly, to be sure. But some cases fit better with the aesthetic of the device than others. Additionally, protecting your device is a lot more important than keeping it sleek looking. Function over fashion, in this instance.

If you’re unsure of what kind of case to get, do some research ahead of time. There are plenty of phone and tablet case manufacturers out there, and also plenty of reviews written by other consumers. Just make sure the case you purchase is for the exact model of phone or tablet you have. Otherwise you’ll embark on another inconvenient journey of shipping back an unfit case.

2) Pick Your Pocket

It might seem obvious, but another way to avoid cell phone repair services is to have a designated place for your phone at all times. If you wear pants with pockets, be sure to primarily keep your phone in one of the side pockets and not the back ones. Don’t even temporarily put your phone in your back pocket, as you can easily forget it’s there and sit right on it. Side pockets are better but can pose a threat depending on what else is in or near them. For instance, don’t keep any other hard objects in the same pocket as your phone. Tight pants especially can put too much pressure between your phone and these objects, creating the risk for cracking and other damage.

Most iPads are too big to fit in pockets (unless you regularly wear cargo pants). So if you take your iPad with you, consider buying a well-padded carrying case for it for aded protection. This can be an additional case or the primary case that doubles as a travel case. The more cases the better if you want to avoid needing iPad repair.

3) Keep it Away From the Toilet

It might still be a taboo subject but there’s no doubt most people at this point utilize their phones and tablets during otherwise idle time (including trips to the restroom). But if you want to avoid lying to the iPad repair services representative or otherwise having an awkward conversation, it’s best to stick to the old-fashioned pastimes of reading magazines or daydreaming while in the bathroom. The combination of typically hard, tiled floors, wet surfaces, and the water beneath you poses a significant threat to your phone and tablet. So if you want to avoid iPad repair services altogether, avoid the temptation of checking your social media in the restroom.

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