3 Main Ineffective Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age

Digital marketing

Over the last few decades, businesses have experienced significant acceleration in marketing campaign efforts. These changes can be attributed to the advanced mobile technology and internet penetration that has changed how consumers access product or service information. As a result, classic advertising that previously performed magic in driving sales has become unproductive. For instance, the introduction of cell phones, particularly smartphones have rendered a home phone useless.

The advanced technology has given consumers access to wide sources of information, which has steered the emergence of new and economical advertising possibilities. Regardless of the day, time, or geographical location, businesses can now engage the market in a more personal and realistic way to influence sales and profit.

Currently, most companies have fully embraced the use of modern technologies in an effort of boosting their marketing campaigns. They’ve turned to online marketing where it’s a land of numerous possibilities for a digital age business. Online marketing refers to a collection of effectual elements used for advertising goods and services using the internet. The internet offers a wide range of digital platforms that synergistically fuse the aspects of web design and development, content management, sales, and promotion.

So, as you’re looking for a marketing strategy that will work best for your business, it’s important to understand some of the ineffective marketing methods that simply drain your revenue and valuable time. Here are some of the ineffective marketing campaign strategies that have proved to be obsolete in this digital era.

Inside sales
Sometimes referred to as telemarketing, this is a form of marketing that reaches out to any prospective customer directly in an effort to trigger sales. Telemarketing can be executed in several ways including face-to-face, phone call, direct messaging, web conferencing as well as recorded messages over the phone. While this method worked in recent years, people nowadays find the approach annoying as it depicts signs of a hard sell. Fortunately, the internet has made it virtually possible for people to gather information on their preferred products online, eliminating the need to go through disruptive phone calls just to learn about a particular product or service a business offers.

Instead, there are numerous digital platforms like social media sites you can take advantage of to reach your target market. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In fact, a report by Social Media Marketing Industry indicates that about two-thirds of marketers agree that Facebook is a paramount social media platform for their business.

Direct Mail
This is one of the traditional modes of product and service promotion that involves sending advertising messages to the target market via the mail. However, of all the mailings that are sent to the public, most of them end up in the trash as they are often ignored. Rather, choose to use social media channels that enable you to reach as many people as possible. Channels such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to segment your marketing message based on different demographics. This form of online marketing enables your business to come up with a creative message in form of videos, audio, and graphics that are highly appealing to customers.

Printed Advertisement
There are several ways advertisements get featured in print forms, whether in newspapers, magazines, or journals. They are commonly used by local business and the nature of ads differ in size and the location from a newspaper. But this method of marketing is becoming unpopular as a result of online marketing channels. As a business owner who seeks to have a lasting impact on the market, it’s vital you invest in a good web design that acts as your online gateway to your business. Find a digital marketing company that can design an intuitive website where you can place all your marketing message and enables the public to access it at their convenience. This platform allows you to make use of Search Engine Optimization best practices with the aim of creating a strong online base for your products and services. Research shows that nearly 53% of marketers focus most on inbound marketing through blog content creation. Certainly, content management is the lifeline of any business marketing online.

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