Understanding The Best Way To Store Your Liquid Materials

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Are you an engineer, procurement specialist, environmentalist, or consultant to one of these industries? If so, then more than likely you are aware of the impacts of proper containment procedures. Whether you are working on storing water in potable water containers or are more concerned with the storage of wastewater in fire suppression tanks, the impact of having contamination issues can be devastating. Below are three of the main types of containers you are likely to need depending on the industry you work in:

1. Bolted Steel Tanks – One of the most commonly used containment tanks in the United States is the underground steel tanks used to store gasoline and other petroleum products. These are so widely used because Americans use nearly 20 million barrels of petroleum products per day! These steel tanks are usually stored underground and can be refilled through caps in the ground. Other liquids that can be stored in underground bolted tanks are: rainwater, radioactive liquid waste, septic, and agricultural wastewater.

2. Wastewater Treatment Container – The United States has nearly 20,000 operating municipal wastewater treatment facilities and these centralized systems serve over 75 percent of the population. Because of the toxins that are often present in wastewater it is imperative that it is treated and stored the right way. That is why the majority of wastewater facilities are looking far past the typical potable water containers an on to more suitable tanks that are made of materials like carbon steel, PVC, rubber, and others depending on your requirements.

3. Frac Tanks – Fracking has been more common in the last decade than ever before, and in order to do the job right, there needs to be a way to inject water at a high enough pressure to release gas from rocks. Many companies are using frac tanks on site at these projects as a way to hold the water they will eventually use for the fracking process. These tanks are usually made of steel and can hold over 20,000 gallons of water each.

If the industry you work in requires the safe storage of a type of liquid, whether it be water, wastewater, petroleum or livestock waste, then you need to know the best type of tank to store it in. Because of the costly consequences, you do not want to take the risk of contamination. Adhere to the rules and regulation of your industry by making sure you have the right type of tank for the liquid you need to store. There?s a good chance that the container supplier that you work with will be able to show you a catalog including everything from potable water containers to frac tanks and underground bolted steel tanks. In other words, you?ll be able to find what you are looking for.

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