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Trends in hospitality technology

Many people don’t travel as much as they would like due to the costs associated with this. Over half of the adults within the Millennial and Gen Xer age bracket indicated that cost was a barrier for them. Baby Boomers, however, come in close behind, with 45% stating that cost is a barrier. Multi-generational trips are popular with Baby Boomers, and in 2016, 26% said that they were planning to take a trip with 3 or more generations of their family.

Whether or not cost is a barrier for leisure travelers, having a positive experience matters to them regardless. A recent survey showed that 75% of the participants are planning at least 1 weekend getaway during the upcoming winter. It’s likely that a large percentage of other travelers are planning a trip for an entire week or longer.

When people plan a trip, it makes sense that they want to find the best possible price and location. Bed-and-Breakfast travelers, for example, tend to consider the following when making their decision where to spend their vacation:

  • Consumer reviews: 50%
  • Photos: 47%
  • Recommendations from friends: 46%
  • Flexible cancellations policy: 43%
  • Being able to book online: 43%

It’s interesting to note that travel-category mobile research has increased over 50%. When planning a trip, 53% of travelers will use their mobile devices to conduct research. Were you aware that travelers in general will conduct about 17 research sessions before booking a bed-and-breakfast or hotel room? Once they’ve made their decision, however, these travelers will finalize their booking on another device, such as their laptop computer.

Are you aware of the latest trends in hotel industry technology? If so, chances are that you are aware of hotel management solutions . From front desk software for hotels to technology in hotel rooms, these are just a few of the trends in hospitality technology.

If you’re currently looking for hotel management solutions to increase your clientele, focus on employee retention, or otherwise heighten your customer experience, you can learn more about the latest trends in hotel technology from a hotel software management vendor. Just imagine how much more efficiently your business will run with improved reservation booking, guest check-in and out, as well as room rate management and billing.

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