Why Businesss Are Migrating to the Cloud

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Should you be moving to the cloud? That’s the question that IT Directors and Systems Administrators of enterprise companies are asking themselves. And the related one, about the benefits of upgrading your networking equipment to cloud hosting services like Cisco Meraki. Migrating your IT operations to a cloud-based networking stack can help reduce costs. Meraki specialists can also help you better manage your mobile devices more efficiently and securely. Cloud technology opens up new worlds of speed, connectivity and security, and meraki solutions allow you to access this potential.

How cloud managed IT can help your business
Even enterprises with an existing IT department are considering moving to the Cisco Meraki full stack. It gives them the benefits of Meraki access points and Meraki support. Meraki consultants offer the advantages of 100% managed cloud IT, from procurement to implementation, ongoing monitoring and support.
One major reason why more and more enterprises are moving to the cloud is that it reduces IT costs quite dramatically. Equipment, upgrades and security are all now the responsibility of Meraki experts. As many as 82% of companies that have moved to the cloud report that it has reduced costs. The cloud is here to stay, and more than half of all businesses that use it already rely on it to store and transmit sensitive information and data.

What Meraki can do for your enterprise
At a very basic level, Meraki specialists can help reduce operational costs for your business. They can improve security and connectivity, streamlining operations across departments and allowing employees to connect remotely via mobile devices.
Meraki equipment and solutions include wireless, switching, security, communications, EMM, and security cameras. All of these can be managed through a web-based dashboard interface. This puts the power of the latest technology literally at your fingertips, to boost productivity, seek new clients and expand operations. The only limit is your imagination.

Why businesses choose Meraki specialists to mange their IT cloud services
Meraki was founded in 2006 and has experienced phenomenal growth. It now has around 230,000 customers and connects 3 million network device around the world. Using Meraki equipment and cloud managed IT services frees up companies to focus on their core mission and to channel their energies and resources most productively.
The cloud opens up all kinds of new possibilities for businesses, and Meraki specialists can help them identify opportunities. As many as 80% of businesses that have moved to the cloud report seeing improvements in operations within the first six months.

Cloud computing gives companies a chance to expand their operations without major investment in IT. It improves connectivity and security. With Meraki specialists managing IT services, it frees up staff to focus on the central mission of your enterprise. The cloud is here to stay, and if you’re not already using it, it’s time you looked into its potential to help your business.

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