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Every single year businesses must learn to adapt to the newest forms of technology. This is because it seems as though technology is leaping ahead every single year in ways that are very noticeable and worth taking note of. Even since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, it is clear that technology is only going to grow and have a stronger impact on the lives of many Americans and many business owners.

Even though small business owners have to adapt to new forms of technology, sometimes this is easier said than done. Understand how to install a new hard drive or a professional website design is not easy and that is why many business owners will hire an IT team. This is because there are so many parts of technology that are hard to understand and use. Here are all of the facts on search marketing, technology, and how it is changing the world of business.

On average, a PC’s hard drive will have an average lifespan that is anywhere between four and six years. Even though it is recommended they do it more often by IT experts, nearly 30% of all people never back up their hard drives while using their computers. One cannot even begin to utilize search marketing if they do not know the basics of technology.

A loss of data accounts for just about 44% of all hardware malfunctions, followed by 32% caused by human error, and 14% being caused by software corruption. Furthermore, nearly 96% of all business workstations across the nation are not being backed up regularly which can cause a business to lose important documents and data that outline their plan for search marketing.

Now, this brings us to search marketing and web development and why it matters for people in the world of business. Understand that just about 80% of all adults across the United States own either a desktop or laptop. This is the number one reason why search marketing is so effective because almost everyone is using a computer in the modern world.

Developing a visually pleasing website is essential for any business to have success. This is because people will base the credibility of a business on a websites overall appearance. So hiring an IT team to create a website for your business is a great idea because it will help you appear very credible.

Every single month the search engine Google will receive over 100 billion searches. Yes, that is right, 100 billion searches are conducted by Google every single month. Out of all the people who work in marketing across the globe, just about 72% of them believe that creating relevant content is the most effective SEO tactic available.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and businesses across the globe are putting a lot of money into this field. This is because search marketing is not incredibly popular and because so many people use search engines it is an easy way for businesses to get traffic to their website. When 16 or more blog posts are published each month by businesses and companies across the country, they are likely to receive 3 times more traffic as opposed to companies that publish zero to four monthly posts.

In Conclusion

There is no question that business across the globe will benefit from investing money into the world of search marketing. This is because utilizing search engines as a way to get traffic to a website or product is not only easy, it is also incredibly productive. Data has been collected that has determined that this is the most efficient way for any business to really market their product and to bring traffic to their websites. As previously mentioned, more people are using computers and the internet than ever before and that is why search marketing is worth the investment.

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