America Produces More E-Waste Than Any Other Country in the World

Recycling electronic waste

Not so fast.
By now, you should know that instead of just carelessly implementing the Out With the Old, In With the New strategy, you need to more carefully consider how and what you throw away. In a time when landfills are overflowing and American industry continues to look for ways to bury less trash, both individuals and businesses need to be more careful about the footprint that they have. From curbside recycling programs for paper and plastics to computer recycling efforts, as a nation we have to continue to make wiser decisions about the trash that we create.

Electronics Recycling Services Often Provide Convenient Pickup Services
Even when Americans know that they need to recycle more than they throw out, sometimes the process of the recycling itself can be overwhelming. As a result, large businesses, and even small companies, store equipment that they no longer find useful, crowding storage rooms and taking up valuable space. In a last ditch effort to free up some of those space to meet an immediate need, these same businesses and companies may end up throwing electronics like old computers and monitors into dumpsters when they have to create space but do not have time to implement a more environmentally plan.

Fortunately, a growing number of network equipment recycling centers not only have drop off locations, but free pick up services as well. And while your company may have every intent of someday having a warehouse sale where you try to raise some funds from these electronics that are no longer used, the reality is that scheduling a pick up service with a business computer recycling service is often more efficient. Especially in large cities like San Francisco where traffic and transportation can be a barrier to getting unused electronics to an approved recycling center, it is often far more convenient to contact a company that provides free pick up services.
One of the more unfortunate and staggering statistics is that 41.8 million tons of e-waste was generated worldwide in the year 2014 alone. Worse yet, the amount of global e-waste typically grows by 8% every year. The adage Out With the Old in With the New might sound efficient, but the reality is that it is an irresponsible attitude that we can no longer afford to follow when it come to electronics recycling.

As your small or large company gets ready to move into the new year, make sure that you are not one of the groups that is contributing to the 20-50 million metric tons of e-waste that are discarded every year across the globe. This number, reported by the United Nations is one we must all be concerned about and determined to reduce or, ideally, eliminate by recommitting to computer recycling and other electronics reclamation programs.

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