5 Reasons Businesses Rely on Marketing Firms

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Why do companies hire marketing search firms? A marketing search firm helps locate the perfect creative agency to design a digital marketing plan for a business. Having the right internet marketing is crucial to any business in today’s world, and here are some facts that explain just why:

  1. Increasingly, any business is judged by the quality of its website. Even ten years ago, a website didn’t matter as much as it does now, especially for local businesses. But as people move around and become more and more used to the internet, they rely on it more to make decisions about new businesses they want to patronize. Very nearly 50% of people say that a website’s design is their number one factor in deciding how credible a business is. And 94% of people say that when they mistrust a website, the design is a key issue in this feeling. And studies show it only takes 50 milliseconds for the average web surfer to come to an opinion about a site.
  2. A business website needs to function properly. In addition to looking professional, a website must function just as it should. The right digital marketing agency helps businesses keep their websites up-to-date in real-time. If a consumer has to spend more than four seconds waiting for a site to load, a huge number will go elsewhere. If that waiting time increases to eight seconds or more, nearly everyone will jump off to another site.
  3. A business website needs to be mobile-friendly. Of people who own a mobile phone, 50% of them use it as their primary way of getting on the internet. It’s not enough that a website works on a desktop anymore, and businesses need internet marketing strategies from the kinds of top companies that marketing search firms can source out if they want to keep up.
  4. A social media presence is no longer optional for a business. An important part of internet marketing these days is figuring out how to leverage social media in favor of a company’s needs. A SalesForce Marketing Cloud report found that 83% of consumers like it when they get a social media response from a business, and nearly all B2B marketers are already using LinkedIn’s platform as part of their SEO strategy.
  5. Multiple types of marketing are necessary. When you choose to work with a marketing firm, you’re not only working with a team that knows what they’re doing when it comes to digital marketing techniques. You’re also working with a team that’s strategic about the different types of marketing they offer. For instance, boosting your brand awareness by using vehicle wraps, clothing marketing, and other marketing techniques are unique ways to make sure your audience knows who you are.

Having a coherent and consistent SEO strategy is key to modern business marketing success. Marketing search firms exist to pair companies with just the right web design service or marketing company for their needs.

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