Three Reasons You Have to Hire a Digitial Marketing Firm

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Should you hire a digital marketing service to help your business set up an affordable web design with excellent graphic design and embedded SEO strategies? Almost certainly, especially if your business is struggling to create and maintain an interactive web design that?s also responsive and suitable for mobile users? All those issues are critical, since 40% of people say they abandon web pages that take longer to load than three seconds; and mobile searches are perhaps the most profitable you can invest in. A whole 70% of them lead to an action within an hour.

Ecommerce is currently puling in a whopping $1.2 million every 30 seconds, and you need to be a part of that. You need a website that responds quickly, that interacts with the mobile, and which can be found by Yahoo and Google, since these search engines are not influencing 86% of worldwide buying decisions. You need a great SEO service, a responsive web design, and the best digital marketing service to make it happen. If you?re still not convinced, read on for three ways that the digital has changed the business world forever:

#1: We Demand to Communicate Instantly

Customers will hardly tolerate an hour?s delay. People are always online. People who own phones are checking them constantly, even when the phone hasn?t alerted them to an incoming message. You have to be able to interact with customers across social media platforms, because these are the only ones with staying power. A fun 25% of all downloaded apps get deleted after just one use. The only ones that get consistency used constantly are social media. Being on social media means being in the public eye 24/7. You need the right digital marketing service to make that happen, and make it happen right.

#2: You Can Know More About Customers Than Ever Before

The digital revolution isn?t just making demands on you. It?s also providing you with information: if you know how to find it. People put so much about themselves online that it?s easy to make customer profiles and databases with details that companies 50 years ago could only dream of having. Companies have seen enormous changes in click rates and revenue after analyzing the customer data available and adjusting advertising and marketing accordingly. If you?re not already doing this, you need a digital marketing service to help you get going.

#3: You Must Avoid Overload

There?s a website mistake that a lot of companies made early on. It was excusable back then, but customers won?t stand for it now. That mistake is building a website with so much junk on it that it completely turns off the user. Users want information, but they want information that?s timely, targeted to their needs, and cleanly presented in a form intuitive to navigate. If you?re not providing that, they?ll likely move on to a website that does. They might even be willing to pay more money to a company with a better-designed website than save money trying to navigate yours.

The world has changed, and businesses have to keep up with those changes to survive and thrive. If you aren?t getting the numbers you want from your SEO strategy and website design, it?s time to look for the right digital marketing service to make it happen.

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