The Necessity Of A Product Content Management System

A product content management system can be ideal for any business, from packaged goods to articles of clothing, but a product content management system has been shown to be particularly important for online retailers. As the rates of e-commerce have increased, the need for a reliable product content management system has also grown exponentially.

Ecommerce and online retail platforms have become widely and wildly popular for a number of reasons. For one, it’s hugely convenient. Online shopping can be done from nearly anywhere – even from your phone, as smart phones have continued to grow in capabilities and become more advanced with each generation of phone. In fact, around thirty percent of all online retail sales are due to mobile platforms, as mobile platforms are now strong and advanced enough to complete full transactions with ease.

Part of a product content management system involves how the product is viewed and what information is given to the potential purchaser of the product. After all, on an online platform it can be difficult to fully understand the nature of a product as well as assess its quality, something that the majority of people will be interested in doing before making a final purchasing decision. Ecommerce images have proven to be particularly important, as more than sixty five percent of all online shoppers – and shoppers in general – prefer to see a visual image of a product before they place an order for it. In fact, without ecommerce images as part of a company’s product content management system and approach, many people will simply not buy the product at all in the first place.

Even more than that, the average consumer wants at least three pictures of the product, in order to see it from multiple angles and perspectives. If there are multiple pictures, it is less likely that the product is being misrepresented in the initial picture that potential customers and consumers see upon first viewing the product and expressing an interest in it. With nearly half of all potential customers and consumers in the United States considering product images of a high quality as an important part of a catalogue and their shopping experience, it is key and even crucial for ecommerce content to be a high resolution and high quality as the budget will allow.

This has also proven to be important for the grocery images database. More and more people are doing what many have long thought of as unthinkable and even impossible: grocery shopping online. Though some will still balk at the thought, online grocery shopping has become more and more appealing to people leading busy lives. For those with very young children or very demanding jobs (or even both) finding time to set aside for going to the grocery store can sometimes feel impossible. Online grocery shopping fills this need, and more than thirty five percent of surveyed customers had plans to do their weekly grocery shopping online at some point in the year of 2018, our current year.

The need for quality ecommerce content and a smoothly working product content management system will only continue to grow alongside the market for online retail, which has grown exponentially in the past few decades. After all, in the United States alone ecommerce sales reached nearly four hundred billion dollars in the year of 2016, and have only continued to grow since – and are projected to continue to grow in coming years. This means that management systems like item master data management and product content management will need to be better than ever, along with any catalog management system that is in place.

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