Website Design Basics From Fast-loading Pages to Unique Blog Content

In order to create, develop, and sustain its presence, a business’ website needs to adhere to current standards of excellence. This includes ensuring that the site loads quickly, is available across multiple platforms, and has an attractive layout with relevant images and content. While there are other important aspects of an effective website, these are some of the more important ones.

When visitors access a site that won’t load or takes too long to load, they tend to conduct another search. This is the case with 39% of Internet users, according to a recent survey. Some individuals may return to that site again, as there are a variety of factors that can affect a site’s ability to load. This includes personal Internet service connectivity issues.

Many Internet users expect professional websites to have attractive layouts. While what is considered to be attractive will obviously vary among users, 38% will move on to another website if they don’t believe the current one they are viewing is attractive. There are, however, website design layouts that appeal to many users. Since an increasing number of individuals have smart phones and other devices, it’s important that a website’s design works across these platforms as well as desktop and laptop screens.

Posting unique content on a regular basis makes a significant difference in website traffic. While some companies may only publish zero to four posts a month, others publish significantly more. For those companies that publish four posts a week, which amounts to 16 or more every month, they will receive more traffic than their counterparts. Recent data shows that these companies have actually received almost 3.5 times the traffic.

When surveyed, 53% of marketing professionals stated that blog content is a top priority for inbound leads. In addition to containing unique, interesting, and informative content, an effective blog also utilizes search engine optimization (SEO). When relevant SEO keywords and keyword phrases are placed throughout the blogs, this can potentially increase a site’s traffic. This is particularly the case when these keywords position a blog or series of blogs at the top of the first page of search results.

Does your company need a new website design? If your site doesn’t load in a few seconds, and your overall layout isn’t particularly attractive, you may have already realized that you’re not receiving the level of traffic that you had previously envisioned. Furthermore, if you only post a few blogs posts a month, that may be another one of the reasons why your site statistics aren’t increasing. When you contact a company that provides website design Los Angeles, they will be able to assist you with creating an effective website design and providing you with other valuable services, including site updates and maintenance.

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