The Best Tips On Creating The Ultimate Home Office

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In the age of COVID-19, more and more people are working from the confines of their own homes. In fact, up to 62% of employees are working from home right now.

Over the past several months, workers have improvised ways to turn a part of their home into a glorified home office. Some home offices are shared by a dining room or kitchen table, which can be a pain from productivity as you have to share it with others. But in turbulent times comes creative opportunity, and for most workers, working from home has brought out the creative side how to decorate their little home office.

If you’re one of those homebound workers, here are some super handy tips how you can create the ultimate home office that will be comfy and productive.

Have Great Lighting

It’s hard to do your work in near darkness, especially during the time of year when the sun sinks into the Earth before dinner time.

Having great lighting will make your workspace relaxing and give you the focus you need to get projects done. You can use any lamp your heart desires, but make sure you angle the light toward your workspace to give you the lighting that you need. Also, you’ll want to avoid a glare into your laptop screen, so look for light bulbs that have a lower wattage so that it will give you the lighting you need without that annoying glare, and lower your window shades so that outside light won’t be an issue as well.

Paint Your Home Office In Simplicity

Now that you have your lighting, you will now want to make your home office your own, and that starts with painting and decorating your space.

When you’re looking for the perfect color, choose a neutral color that will give you tremendous flexibility with patterns and designs. Neutral colors also prevent eyestrain, which is something you don’t want to do while you’re working.

White would be perfect for a home office because you can add all sorts of statement pieces to your office without making it look so busy. If you’re not used to painting on your own, painting contractors can come in a make your home office sparkle.

Make Sure Your Home Office Is Neat and Organized

Now that the lighting is on-point and the paint and accessories are looking fantastic, you will now want to organize your space to give it that professional, clean look.

Keeping your home office organized and clean will give it that professional feel and make it easier for you to do your work in a less busy environment. If you have kids, your home life is hectic already, so allow your home office to resemble that.

Pick the Right Desk That Can Accommodate Your Workspace

You don’t want any desk to do your work on, especially if you’re creating your home office to be functional, unique, and fantastic.

While you may be inclined to go with a big desk that resembles what you may (or may have) at your office, keep in mind that you will need to save some space, especially if the square footage of your home office isn’t that big. Go with a smaller desk that will not only be functional but will also save you much-needed space. For example, if your job involves web design and web hosting, a smaller desk with the same functionality as a larger one will still be able to get the job done.

Sure, it may seem like a time-consuming headache, but there are plenty of resources out there that will help you out in your desk-finding needs. Wayfair has devoted an entire guide to buying the perfect desk for your home office, and there are other tools out there that will help guide you toward the perfect work desk.

Know Where To Stage Your Desk

OK, so you’ve now picked out the right desk. Now, you will need to stage it so it will function the way you want it.

If you’re working with electronic devices such as a laptop (naturally), set your new, cute desk up near an electrical outlet so you won’t have to run an electric cord across the room, posing a hazard. Also, make sure that your desk has sufficient storage space. For example, you will need to keep inkjet printer parts close to you in case any issues arise with your printer. Make sure your new desk has the storage space needed to keep those parts and other office needs close to you at all times.

Break Out Your Creative Side When Doing Storage

While it’s cool to create your own home office, keep in mind that you will work with a lot less space than you would in your regular office.

Instead of seeing it as a hindrance, however, maybe you should see your limited space as an opportunity to let your creative side run wild. For instance, your work will more-than-likely include paperwork, but you may not have the room to bring in a filing cabinet, which will turn off the aesthetics of your cute home office. Instead, use a magazine rack or a bookcase to store your paperwork.

Bookcases are great because unlike those clunky filing cabinets, you can add a personal touch to your bookshelf to make it more your own. You may also want to check out your closet to see if you create extra shelving space for your home office needs.

Your creativity will come in handy for creating space that you will need to store those important documents.

Add Some Greenery To Your Workspace

It may be an overlooked item, but adding a little greenery to your workspace will go a long way to making your home office feel warm and cozy. Plants make people happier, in which happiness can translate into a more comfortable home working environment that you’re trying to create with your home office. Putting plants in your home office is a great way to bring the outside to the inside.

Personalize With Care

With any home office, you will want to make that space more your own than your manager would allow at your cubicle.

While it is great to put your stamp on your office and is highly recommended, make sure you personalize your home office with care. What do we mean by that? That means putting a personal touch to your home office without making it look as if you’re in your regular office or cubical.

Make sure you are creating a different vibe in your home office from your regular office. Rotate those family photos around and add things that you wouldn’t think about bringing to your cubicles, such as cartoons or funny sayings that wouldn’t fly at the office.

Hide Those Undesirable Things

One advantage of having a home office is that you can make it your own. So it makes little sense to have your office resemble your actual office (see above for more on this).

Things that will make your little work oasis seem like a real work spot can be depressing, so hide those things or make it blend into your office space. For example, modern-day offices have a ton of cords running throughout the workspace which is something that you don’t want to recreate at home. Ffor starters, position your desk near an electrical cord, but if you have multiple things to plug in, invest in a power strip and run it behind your desk and out of sight so it won’t be an eyesore.

Believe it or not, having a printer in plain sight within your home office can be a depressing sight for some. Instead of having it out in the open, use your creativity to create a closet space that will allow your printer to be set up inside the closet rather than out in the open. Small things like these that you can hide will make your home office a happier place to get your work done.

Have A Comfortable Office

Of course, you don’t want to work in a home office that isn’t comfortable.

Home office comfort goes beyond the desk chair (which helps). Comfort extends to the feel of your home office, literally, as setting the right temperature in your home office could make-or-break the comfort within your space. While setting up your home office, make sure you avoid blocking floor and wall vents that could block the heat or air conditioning (if you live in a warmer climate) from flowing into your home office.

Besides making your home office feel comfortable, make your workspace as comfortable as you can. You will have more latitude to add in comfort features such as pillows than you would at your cubicle. Besides, having colorful pillows near you or creating a “comfort zone” will allow you to brainstorm better. Think of it as a nice perk of working from home.

Several heating services and HVAC contractors can come in and service any issues you may have with your unit. It’s always important to have your unit repaired if there are problems, because there is nothing worse than freezing or sweating while you are working.

Grab Additional Seats If Needed

Just because you’re working out of your home and most of your meetings are done by video chat these days, that doesn’t mean that there will be times where you must meet a client face-to-face in your home office.

This is where it’s best to get additional seating so that your clients and guests will have a comfortable place to sit and meet with you. The fun part about this is that you may not have to buy additional chairs to outfit your home office with more seating. You can use chairs you have already in your home, as long as it matches the aesthetics of your home office and is comfortable for your guests and clients.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Room

As part of making your home office comfortable, you will also want to give yourself plenty of room to work.

Yes, it can be daunting to make more room out of the more-limited space that you have, but with some creativity, you can achieve a roomy home office. If you have the funds, contact a remodeling company that can come in and remodel a part of your home to maximize the space you need.

If you don’t have the room in your home to add in office space, maybe you should look at your garage. This option will give you the space you need to get your work done. You can add a personal touch to it to make it your own. You can get a replacement garage door to enter to your home office more personalized.

It can be a challenge finding the room needed to make your home office roomy and comfortable, but anything is possible if you keep your eye on the prize.

In conclusion, it may be a turbulent time to juggle your work and your home life in the same setting, which is why more workers who are working from home have resulted in carving out their own home office to separate their work life from their home office.

There are tremendous perks to creating your very own office space, with the best being that you can put your personal touch with no oversight or regulations from your manager. You can add more personality to your home office space from a comfort zone where you can take mental and brainstorming breaks to a paint and design scheme that will make your home office standout.

Creating your own home office is the biggest perk of working from home, so don’t let that space go to waste, and take the time to create a home office that is unique and productive. You’ll probably be working from home for the rest of the year, so you might as well make the best out of it.


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