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What Consumers Should Know About Affordable Dedicated Servers

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In 2014, yet another year in the Age of the Internet, your business’s IT infrastructure is its lifeblood. Keep in mind, how you host your website, your gateway to the $262.3 billion Forbes estimates is spent online in the States every year, has a direct impact on your ability to generate revenue on the worldwide web. Likewise, how you choose to store and protect your company’s sensitive data can either make you vulnerable to increasingly active cybercriminals or protect you.

Before the invention of cloud computing, the single best way to reliably host your website and protect your information was by outsourcing your IT infrastructure to companies specializing in dedicated server solutions. Dedicated servers certainly got the job done, but they did so at a decidedly expensive price-point. However, now that cloud computing solutions have become mainstream, you can find affordable dedicated servers that can do everything a physical system did in the past and much, much more.

Isn’t “Affordable Dedicated Servers” an Oxymoron?
When people read “affordable dedicated servers,” it’s only natural that they scoff. As writes, dedicated server solutions of the past cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 a month, and that’s a conservative estimate. However, since you only pay for the data you use, your bill directly reflects your data needs, as opposed to old models with standard and often usurious set fees. This sensible pricing plan includes all of the advantages of using a dedicated server, but it also comes with the added benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud-based Dedicated Server Hosting Brings Added Advantages

  • Increased Data Security
  • Despite popular belief, cloud-based servers actually improve businesses’ data security. When you consider that, according to Fox Business, cybercrime costs the global economy $500 billion annually, you can see just how important it is to increase data protection in anyway you can. As statistics from Microsoft show, 94% of businesses that use cloud-based, affordable dedicated servers say they’ve gained significant security benefits over their previous hosting solution since making the switch.

  • The Cloud is Easy to Scale
  • Scaling your IT needs as your business grows is exceedingly simple when you use a cloud hosting solution. As your needs grow, you can simply request more memory, increased processing power, and storage.

  • Increased Professional Agility
  • As points out, one of the greatest advantages of using a cloud-based hosting solution is business agility. Once you set up your server, you can access your data from anywhere, using a traditional desktop PC or mobile device. Consider the savings you could generate through more mobile access via telecommuting. Imagine how much easier it will be to hold meetings and seminars when you don’t need to carry around a laptop or hard-drive to access relevant information.

If you want to gain the benefits of dedicated hosting services without the cost and simultaneously gain the advantages of cloud computing, what are you waiting? A reputable hosting service is waiting to bring you success in 2014. Get more on this here: Los angeles server hosting

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