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Archive for May, 2019

Does Your Large or Small Business Have a Platform to Monitor for Network Security Problems?

We live in a complicated, digital world. As more and more companies of all size continue to move their platforms to the cloud it should come as no surprise that many are looking for tech support for small businesses and large businesses alike. From getting the help that is needed to craft a cyber security policy to making sure that a business is able to protect itself and react quickly to security threats, it is important to make sure that a business of any size is ready.
There are obviously many advantages to the digital migration that today’s businesses are making, but it is also important to know that integrating to cloud storage requires a new level of tech support for small businesses especially. Thinking that your company can monitor all of the new challenges that come with cloud migration is not realistic. In fact, many companies make contracting with an outside provider a pr

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What Microscopes Are Capable Of

For a few centuries now, telescopes and microscopes have made use of carefully ground lenses to bend light and make objects easier to see. Telescopes have allowed astronomers, military generals, and others the power to see objects clearly from far away, and today’s computer-controlled telescopes are capable of observing astronomical bodies billions of light-years away. Meanwhile, microscopes do the opposite in a sense, allowing a user to observe tiny objects or details when the microscope bends light to magnify it. Handheld microscopes, larger computer-controlled microscopes, microscope cameras, and more have allowed scientists, craftsmen, and more to create and observe many tiny objects and details otherwise impossible to see or use. Today’s USB microscopes and microscope camera are more advanced than anything used in the past, but even in history, microscopes allowed for impressive discoveries and accomplishments.

Microscopes Then and Now

It is not exactly clear who inv

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Types of Cooling Technology

If you have been wondering how to increase server performance or about ways to help your computer function better, then you might want to look into cooling technology. Different computer components generate some extra heat that can be hard on your operating system, and can cause things to run slower than normal. There are multiple kinds of cooling technology available and the type you choose will depend on your needs.

Air Cooling

Air cooling is the means of using airflow to cool off your device. This is usually done with fans. The type of fan will depend on the system you use and the kind of computer you have. There are external fans for laptops that your computer can sit on top of. These helps to draw out heat and move it away from your laptop. However, when it comes to PCs it is more likely that you would use an internal fan. These can attach to multiple different areas or parts within the tower. They come in handy when your computer’s natural cooling system doesn’t se

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What Immersion Cooling Can Do For Your Data Server

Modern computers are capable of a lot more than sending e-mail and playing Solitaire. Modern businesses of all sorts make good use of desktop PCs for online marketing and research, sharing data and files with co-workers, and even live video chat for having a virtual presence in a meeting. But that’s not all. Specialized computers may be found in data center server rooms, and a modular data server allows users to add or replace components at will. A computer rack server will hold the computers themselves, while these inter-connected computers unite to form the server itself. Immersion cooling, meanwhile, can be used as a more advanced means of temperature control than traditional air conditioning. Such immersion cooling tubes and liquids may be installed when IT professionals are called to the scene. What is there to know about immersion cooling and how to increase server performance? Someone new to all this may realize just how powerful computers can be on a large scale.


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The Finest Blueprint Paper and Plotting Paper

Many Americans are familiar with the concept of blueprints, and in fact “blueprints” has become a general term in everyday use. Used non-literally, blueprints can describe the plan or idea of something before it is done or made, but speaking literally, paper for blueprints is a mundane but useful material for work. Engineers and construction workers greatly appreciate paper for blueprints and bond paper rolls, and wholesale purchases of paper for blueprints and engineering paper are common today. Many construction firms, engineers, factories, and more may make regular orders for paper for blueprints and similar materials, and this allows them to create designs for machines, buildings, and more with ease. Even in today’s digital world, where the Internet and CGI and e-mail are common, paper has not become obsolete. In many contexts, paper may in fact be more convenient since it doesn’t need a computer to be viewed. This certainly includ

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Finding Good Web Hosting

What a challenge it can be to find a quality web hosting provider that has all the features you need without the huge overhead. Our site brings you hosting news as well as, weather and financial information.

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