How Important is Good Website Design?

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There are few things as important as a good website for businesses. Often, businesses rely on the best web designers possible, as award winning website design actually goes a long way to garnering the exposure businesses need to be successful. However, anyone with a web design career should be multi-talented in terms of website design and development.

Most web design companies are capable of designing websites for both computers and mobile devices. According to Keynote research, roughly 46 percent of mobile internet users have problems connecting to mobile devices. Importantly, from 2012 to 2013, mobile website sales in the U.S. increased by roughly 68 percent. Mobile websites really matter, and when a company has a good mobile website, it makes them more likely to be successful.

A study of Fortune 500 companies found that about 63 percent of companies have websites that are much higher quality than the average website. Plus, about half of all mobile users agree that a website that doesn’t work on a mobile device, it means the company in question doesn’t care about their website.

Ultimately, web design careers are incredibly important. Those who can design and develop websites are incredibly valuable to businesses as they can help to garner the exposure necessary to be successful. For more information see this.

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