Three Ways Cloud Technology Will Change Your Business

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Why is cloud the technology everyone is talking about right now? The cloud service industry is hot, and providers are actually cutting prices lower and lower in order to offer a more competitive option to those searching for outsourced server solutions.

When businesses use cloud, they access software, hardware and data from a remote location. In other words, they pay for access to a hosting server. This lifts the burden of both server storage and server management from the shoulders of small companies who might have trouble shelling out the money for around-the-clock IT employees.

Are you thinking about switching your company over to cloud computing solutions? There are many reasons that about 28% of small businesses are currently making use of cloud technology. Here are three ways cloud hosting might change how you do business.

1. Cloud Saves You Money

You’ve heard that cloud can help save you money — but how?

  • About 65% of companies report consuming less energy, and reducing waste, as a result of switching to cloud.
  • Hardware equipment can be expensive to install, maintain, and repair. Switching to cloud helps streamline expenses and eliminate the need to continually pour money into hardware solutions.
  • When large equipment rooms are not needed for servers or data storage, offices can economize on space.
  • Cloud services mean you don’t need to hire someone to take care of and watch your hardware. Instead, you can use these employees to focus on the core of your business operations.

2. Easier to Update Software

When you can’t update the software your business uses right away, there are multiple consequences. A delay can open you up to security risks that an upgrade or patch would provide. Incompatibility can be a result of employees using different versions. Not to mention, in a non-cloud architecture, someone needs to go around and do the task themselves. Cloud makes it easy for employees to access new software quickly and easily.

3. Keep Your Employees Loyal

Did you know that 42% of working adults say they would agree to give up some of their salary if they could telecommute? Cloud solutions make telecommuting easier. This can give your employees greater flexibility. Their positions will be more appealing, reducing the frequency with which employees leave for perceived “better conditions.” Even allowing for one day a week telecommuting can be helpful for employees juggling family and work.

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