Month: January 2015

Need Digital Files to Transfer? Learn About FTP

Electronics Contract Manufacturing Building Our Products Faster, Better, and Stronger

In today’s cutthroat electronics business, companies across the country are always looking for bigger and better ways to save on costs while improving their inventory and products. Look no further than overseas. Electronics contract manufacturing can save your company valuable time, resources, and most importantly, money. A lot of money. Electronic contract manufacturing companies are …

University of Iowa Biobanks Set Standard for Biorepository Management

Doctors and scientists have long considered biobanking a vital component of medical research. While other methods, including animal testing and human trials, are also often necessary to uncover data and find solutions to different medical conditions, these biorepositories give researchers access to a valuable store of medical information. For this reason, many institutes and organizations …

Three Reasons Why All Businesses Should Optimize Their Websites for Mobile Devices

A Not-So-Modest Proposal Bidding Software For Your Office

As any business owner will tell you (especially owners of contracting businesses),requesting services and materials can be just as difficult, if not more, as producing them. Business proposals for both private and public sectors is a process in itself, complete with standards, regulations, systems, and plenty of documentation. Proposals can be overwhelming. To help businesses …

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