What to Do With Your Broken Phone

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Sometimes it seems like our phones have strange problems. The lock button is broken, the battery only lasts for one hour, or the charger port is sticky from a spilled drink. And more often than not, the problem is our own fault. Don?t worry though, you?re in good company. In the U.S. someone breaks a cell phone every two seconds, according to SquareTrade. Many of us are even continuing to use the devices that have something wrong with them. An average of 10% of people are using phones with damage to the screen.

Even if you?re not yet in need of phone repair, it?s a good idea to know what to do should it happen. Maybe you?re trying to help a less tech-savvy friend or relative fix their device. Or perhaps you?re hoping to keep your phone in working order. Regardless, here?s three steps you can take once you find yourself facing a frustrating phone issue.

Fix It Yourself
The internet is full of helpful guides and strategies for tech issues ranging the gamut from basic computer repair, to complicated hour-long tutorials on removing unwanted applications from a smartphone. If you?re comfortable using a search engine, and have the time, many phone problems can be solved by using other people?s solutions. Try entering the problem you?re having into the search bar, and see if someone else has been able to solve your problem.

Ask the Professionals
For those of us who are not comfortable using a screwdriver near a thousand dollar personal phone, there is probably a phone repair company nearby to help. If you?re worried your might mess up your phone even worse than it already is, a phone repair service might be the way to go. There are often local shops in your area, or on your drive home from work. They would be happy to offer their services. Sometimes you don?t have the time to fix it yourself, and you need a little help.

Recycle It
Unfortunately, if you?ve dropped your phone down the garbage disposal or if the phone is simply past its time, the last option is to find it a final resting place. There are many choices in recycling old tech. If the phone is in terrible shape, your nearby recycling center will take it to make sure the battery is properly handled. If it?s still usable, many cell phone providers often offer a trade in discount. Be sure to check with community charities as well, many of whom will recycle phones. Don?t forget to delete all your personal information off the device before you part with it.

We break a lot of phones. The U.S. spent $23.5 billion in 2014 to replace broken smartphones, and within the next year, 30% of phone owners will damage their phone. It?s going to happen. It?s a good idea to be prepared when it does. Try building an a base of support for your future tech issues, either online or in person. Often people who are gifted with phone repair can help with pc and laptop repair as well. In the meantime, be sure to backup your family photos on a regular basis, just in case.

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