The environmentally friendly office

As we move deeper into the future and the twenty first century, there are going to have to be certain changes we make to the way we work and live. It isn’t going to be enough to think more deeply of others and the care we keep for ourselves. We’re going to have to look out, to the larger parts of the world. We are going to have to look at the connections that lie underneath different, seemingly unrelated parts of our world. For instance, there is certainly a connection between the way we live in the United States, the way people live in Europe and the way people live in Asia. It might seem like we all lead separate lives in separate cultures that have developed independent of each other, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The real truth of the matter is that the way people live in one place affects the way people live everywhere else and that no one society or culture can be dominant over any others. This idea can go farther and get more personal as well. Let’s take a small look at the way that seemingly different spheres of life are interrelated.

Connecting different things together

To begin to look at this idea, let’s start at magnetic card readers. Yes, magnetic card readers. This isn’t a subject people think of too often and, yes, at first glance, it seems completely unrelated to this problem. But we could go with other types of scanners as well. Nfc card readers, a mag stripe reader,an rfid scanner, a tabletop scanner. We could honestly go with any piece of technology really. The eclectic nature of these instruments isn’t just a point. It’s the point. Because even if these things seem random, they are actually fundamentally connected to other parts of our lives and the way we choose to live. So, with that preamble done, the question remains. What do magnetic card readers have to do with any of this? Well, to illustrate that specific connection, we are going to have go a bit deeper. We are going to have to construct a specific narrative to understand it.

The professional and the personal

There is an office in the suburbs of San Francisco that acts a regional office for a popular chain of hardware stores. It runs just like any other office in that it’s subject to change and restructuring. But the people in this office do their best to be conscious of their stores and the way their office, and their stores, affect the environment. They know that to be a growing business means paying attention to the details. Specifically, the details that most other offices often overlook. They know they need to think of all the small ways they affect the world and do their best to not overlook any single thing. In this way, they’ve begun to look into ways to keep their office environmentally friendly. They’ve all agreed that this is one of the most important ways they can keep their office moving forward besides actual work and they’ve all agreed to pitch in to work towards this goal. But how to do it? What are some avenues through which they can enact this plan?

The way the world works
Now we can finally get back to those magnetic card readers

Because, as random as they seem, they are actually one small way, among many others, to keep their office moving forward. These and other instruments actually save on paper that would otherwise be wasted in any other conventional office. There are plenty of other ways to do this, of course. They can install water filters and put solar panels outside and on the roof. They can even look into connecting to wind turbines or agree to use less power and to shut their computers off at the end of the work day. None of these things are going to be the be all end all of maintaining the harmony between environment and the office but every step counts. It’s all the small things that’ll keep them moving forward into the future.

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