Effective Hot and Cold Aisle Containment for Modern Server Room Problems

All data centers and servers require proper airflow management, which is done using different data center containment products. Electronic packaging cabinets are one of the effective containment systems for protecting data systems. It offers cool shield protection of the hot aisle containment system as well as the ability to cold contain, making it an ideal product to manage your company’s data center conveniently at your office.

Hot Aisle Containment Systems

Electronic packaging cabinets come in a variety of options — they are designed for data storage centers and other technology. Considering the effort and resources that go into innovating and coming up with the latest technology systems, it’s much important to protect your data equipment from the heat produced. Essentially, both systems — cold and hot aisle containment products, work together to purge heat produced by specific components away from the center. Though hot aisle containment is considered to be most effective between the two.

How Electronic Packaging Cabinets Fairs Against Other Containment Solutions?

Data servers are particularly an integral part of any company that handles valuable information and just having a space for your long-term records. And that’s where electronic packaging cabinets come in. This system is also effective in protecting against heat build-up in the server room. The heat leaking from the server room is what contributes to high energy bills due to the air conditioning system working extra hard.

With a variety of approved containment systems and solutions including, hot and cold containment, electronic packaging cabinets electronics packaging racks, and data racks, there are sufficient ways to keep your server rooms cool.

Electronic Packaging Cabinets and Electronics Racks

The layout of a containment system in your server room will depend on the way your system functions and there’re a few ways the installation of a cold or hot aisle system can be done. Proper thermal containment is achieved when all the individual components from the data center to the electronic and server racks work together.

The reason why you’re encouraged to have server racks and cabinets installed all around the server room is that data protection is also done in every location to avoid heat blindspots. Electronic and server racks ensure your system is isolated from the temperature differential, protecting your servers and other essential data storage system. Who thought that the data will process and consume every day has the potential of increasing indoor heat.

While we’re enjoying great internet speeds, stable networks and storing valuable data, all these impacts on energy and if you don’t have a containment system the costs can be incredibly high. With the HAC system in place, your server room is efficiently cooled and greatly reducing your overall energy costs on air conditioning.

The inefficiencies brought about by the traditional systems that alternated hot and cold air without containment have been addressed by modern and improved containment systems. These new solutions allow servers to operate high-density applications and softwares without experiencing any slow down.

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