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Archive for February, 2014

Struggling with Social Media? Take These Social Media Tools for a Spin

Professional website development

If a search for social media optimization landed you on this page, then you already know how crucial Facebook and other platforms are to business in 2014. With 72% of all online adults using social media, helping generate over 700 billion minutes of Facebook usage a month, according to Statistic Brain, it should be no surprise that 83% of marketers believe social media is integral to their efforts, as statistics from Social Media Examiner show.

Like every other marketing effort you make to increase your website traffic and eCommerce revenue, small business social media marketing is a multiface

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What Consumers Should Know About Affordable Dedicated Servers

Best cloud hosting

In 2014, yet another year in the Age of the Internet, your business’s IT infrastructure is its lifeblood. Keep in mind, how you host your website, your gateway to the $262.3 billion Forbes estimates is spent online in the States every year, has a direct impact on your ability to generate revenue on the worldwide web. Likewise, how you choose to store and protect your company’s sensitive data can either make you vulnerable to increasingly active cybercriminals or protect you.

Before the invention of cloud computing, the single best way to reliably host your website and protect your information was by outsourcing your IT infrastructure to companies specializing in dedicated server solutions. Dedicated servers certainly got the job done, but they did so at a decidedly expensive price-point. However,

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Three Great SEO Writing Tips

Affiliate internet marketing

Many people still have this idea that blogging is for people who need to vent their daily frustrations on a sympathetic medium. However, why then do so many massive companies and corporations curate a blog with the utmost attention and detail?

The fact of the matter is that there came a point in the history of blogging when it became a professional asset. Blogging is now a form of online journalism and Internet marketing. More specifically, it’s the king of search engine marketing. Blogs give users a reason to enter a new website, allow sites to accrue more pages for search engines to index, build external links, have something to share on social media, and so much more.

No search engine optimiz

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How Important is Good Website Design?

Mobile website design company

There are few things as important as a good website for businesses. Often, businesses rely on the best web designers possible, as award winning website design actually goes a long way to garnering the exposure businesses need to be successful. However, anyone with a web design career should be multi-talented in terms of website design and development.

Most web design companies are capable of designing websites for both computers and mobile devices. According to Keynote research, roughly 46 percent of mobile internet users have problems connecting to mobile devices. Importantly, from 2012 to 2013, mobile website sales in the U.S. increased by roughly 68 percent. Mobile websites really matter,

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New Fluidized Bed Processing Technology Provides a Variety of Uses and Procedures

Fluidised bed gasifier

In the early 1940′s, fluidized beds were only used in Europe to turn coal into gas. It wasn’t until later when it was realized that fluid bed technology could be used for a wide array of chemical processes. Today, the fluidized bed systems are widely used in the gas and coal fuel industry to lower emissions and pollution associated with the fuel production process. However, bubbling fluidized bed technology can also be used as boilers for small scale operations, even with coffee roasters to offer extremely fresh, and well roasted coffee in an efficient manner. A fluidized bed is formed when any number of solid particulate substances (

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Finding Good Web Hosting

What a challenge it can be to find a quality web hosting provider that has all the features you need without the huge overhead. Our site brings you hosting news as well as, weather and financial information.

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