Process NMR Technology and How It Can Benefit Your Chemical Laboratory

For chemists, working in the lab can involve a series of challenges that require smart, viable solutions in order to create a robust, efficient, and productive workflow that produces the desired results with no wasted time or effort. Analytics and generation of important analytical data can be critical components in the workflow of any chemist or chemical lab and this is where making the right decisions can significantly ease and speed up your workflow if you use the right tools and techniques. This is where investing in resources like benchtop spectrometers can really come in handy.

Process NMR spectrometers can be important tools in the arsenal of any chemist or chemical laboratory. NMR or nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is a tool that can be used to delve into molecular structures of compounds under study through detailed information on all the important constituents of the molecules. In many cases, the process NMR is a vitally integral part of the workflow of any chemical laboratory. While a lot can depend on having access to a high field NMR spectrometer, adding low field NMR spectrometers or benchtop NMR spectrometers can have significant advantages for your overall workflow and the quality of your results.

So, why should you consider investing in a process NMR benchtop spectrometer? Let us explore a few of the immediate advantages. A clear benefit is the fact that this brings you a lot closer to achieving the kind of quantitative data volumes that you need for your research. Having a benchtop NMR solution can give you access to large volumes of quantitative data that could ages to achieve with other methods like chromatography. Moreover, if your high field spectrometer is usually taken up with other requirements, this can give you access to process NMR technology in a quick and easy way.

Another important reason to consider a benchtop solution for your NMR spectroscopy requirements is to save costs in the long run. In many cases, a lot of added costs might arise if you have to constantly outsource your analytical requirements. If you have a low-cost benchtop solution, you would only need to outsource analytics for very specific samples. For everything else, you can depend on this in-house solution for all your analytics requirements. This can be a major factor in convincing you to opt for such a solution.

A good reason to start thinking about getting a low-cost benchtop NMR system in your lab is if you think about the prohibitive costs that can be associated with some of the more elaborate setups for NMR technology. There can be various limiting factors when it comes to setting up a large NMR setup in the lab. Initial and operating costs can definitely be a worry, as can be the size and infrastructure requirements to install and maintain such a setup over time. These considerations might have already prevented you from using a superconductor based NMR system in your laboratory. Investing in a smaller benchtop solution can help you adopt NMR processes into your workflow without any of these limiting factors.

A benchtop or tabletop NMR machine can also have other important applications, especially if you are also interested in the teaching and research aspects of your work. Since these solutions are small and easily moveable, you can use this to provide a direct point of contact for the technology with your students in a teaching environment. You can then teach your students the basics of NMR and have them create and run their own samples and tests, thereby giving them an opportunity to get hands-on with this methodology. This can really turn your teaching environment into a rich, practical learning opportunity for your students.

Overall, this can be a decision that can really benefit your chemical laboratory in many different ways. If you consider all of these benefits, going for benchtop NMR solutions can really become an easier decision to make. This can go a long way towards creating a truly streamlined, robust, and productive workflow with very little wasted effort and reliable, fast results that can help you move forward with your work at a steady pace with great accuracy.

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