Do You Want to Offer SEO Marketing to Your Clients? Consider Becoming a Reseller

White label seo reseller

Do you run a web services company that would like to offer search engine optimization marketing to your clients in addition to your other services? Because coming up with innovative SEO content that is valuable and recognized by search engines such as Google and Bing can be difficult, it may make sense for you to become a white label SEO reseller.

This is an especially wise option if you do not currently have the infrastructure to maintain a team of SEO marketing professionals on your staff. With this paradigm, also known as private label SEO reselling, you are essentially outsourcing these responsibilities to professionals whose business is to monitor your SEO accounts and ensure that the right tactics are being utilized in ensuring your clients’ visibility on search engine sites. You then buy their services and sell the resulting SEO product to your clients for a profit.

When choosing the right SEO company with which to collaborate, you’ll want to make sure that they are current with all the latest trends and updates. For example, knowledge of Google’s Penguin algorithm–which was established in April 2012–will help them to create content that adheres to Google standards by following the parameters set up by the webmaster. It is also important to recognize that Google will not recognize a website and begin to rank it immediately. The process can take several months total.

But why is search engine optimization a preferred means of marketing? In short, it can lead to sales almost 15% percent of the time, whereas conventional ads in print or direct mailings result in sales less than two percent of the time.

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