Four Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Social Media

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The Internet is an increasingly powerful tool for any company to raise awareness and interest in its products or services — especially social media. About 93 percent of marketers use social media for business. With a percentage like that, there’s no reason your company shouldn’t take advantage of Internet and social media marketing as types of marketing services.
So how does social media help businesses? Here are four ways:
1. Mobile websites: Did you know that searches from mobile devices made up about 25 percent of all search engine inquiries in 2012? As more and more people search the Internet from their smartphones and tablets, creating a mobile website can have many advantages. Take advantage of the benefits of mobile marketing by optimizing your company’s website for a mobile platform. 46 percent of mobile users have said they were unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing from their phone!
2. Search engines: There’s no denying the influence that search engines hold on the Internet. An astonishing 93 percent of all experiences on the Internet begin with a search engine, and Google owns about 60 to 75 percent of the world’s search engine market shares. There are several ways to take advantage of search engines — your company can make money with pay per click advertising or hire a search engine optimization firm to increase its search engine rankings.
3. Facebook: Facebook isn’t just for catching up with old friends anymore. By displaying ads that match up with a user’s interests, Facebook is also a way to bring more people to your company. About 23 percent of Facebook users check their accounts at least five times a day — they’re bound to see at least a few ads during their visits!
4. Word of mouth on a global scale: With the use of customer reviews, message boards and comment sections, people around the world now have more access to others’ opinions on products and services than ever before. By getting people to talk about your company on social media, it increases awareness of what your company offers as well as the likelihood of gaining a new customer.
Social media and Internet marketing are some of the most powerful types of marketing services that connect people with businesses and companies. A whopping 74 percent of brand marketers saw increased web traffic after they invested only six hours a week in social media. With a little work, your company can reap the benefits of these types of marketing services by engaging social media users! For more information see this:

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