Marketing Lessons to Take Away From Mark Zuckerberg’s Purchase of Oculus

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Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of virtual reality company Oculus sparked a considerable amount of controversy. After weeks, top Oculus officials, including CTO John Carmack, are finally speaking out about the acquisition. To the surprise of many, Carmack describes the purchase as a good thing.

The Debate Over Facebook’s Acquisition of Oculus

Carmack describes Zuckerberg’s acquisition as a positive one, shocking many self-proclaimed geeks who are unhappy with the Facebook CEO’s most recently ploy. The Oculus CTO did admit, however, that the move caught him — like many others — off-guard. “I wasn’t personally involved in any of the negotiations — I spent an afternoon talking technology with Mark Zuckerberg, and the next week I find out that he bought Oculus,” Carmack said. PC Magazine adds that common criticisms may be a little far-fetched. Zuckerberg has no intentions to abandon game development (aside from Minecraft), and the virtual reality glasses and platform are highly unlikely to be used solely for social media, according to PC Magazine. Concerns about data mining — or knowing what webpages users are accessing and when — are legitimate, experts say.

What Search Engine Marketing Professional Can Learn From It

Amid the controversy, there are valuable lessons in Zuckerberg’s recent acquisition of Oculus — especially for search engine optimizers and PPC search engine marketing firms. Zuckerberg continually demonstrates that it is absolutely vital to remain as current and immediate as possible — while varying techniques (or, in Zuckerberg’s case, companies and company outreach) to secure guaranteed capital.

When executing natural search engine optimization, for example, companies should continually keep tabs on updates from Google, Google software engineer Matt Cutts, and other internet marketers. Searches recently made shifts more natural phrasing, for instance. Similarly, companies should not rely on natural search engine optimization alone. Implementing strategies with a variety of search engine marketing tools, PPC, retargeted ads, and email campaigns will ensure that companies bring in revenue even with algorithm updates and unexpected losses and gains.

Marketers can easily learn from Zuckerberg’s purchase of virtual reality platform Oculus. In order to remain successful, Zuckerberg demonstrates, companies need to push to stay immediate — and vary strategies for a guaranteed source of income. Continue your research here.

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