What to Do When You’ve Lost or Broken Your Remote

Philips remote control replacement

The day you’ve always dreaded has finally come–you’ve lost or broken your TV remote controls. There’s good news though–you’ve got options. Rather than running out to Radioshack and getting inferior, universal remote controls for TV, you can get replacement remote controls straight from the manufacturer or from another provider, or perhaps you can fix your broken TV remote controls.

Go Straight to the Manufacturer.

The easiest option is to just get a TV remote replacement for your lost or broken one
. The first thing you have to do is call your console’s manufacturer. You can get their number either online, or off of your TV manual. Unless your TV remote controls are defective or under a warranty, they’ll likely charge your a replacement fee on top of shipping.

Try Online.

Before going right to the manufacturer, it might be a good idea to hunt around for a suitable TV remote controls replacement online first. It’s easier if you have the serial number for the specific model of your old remote, but you can also find an exact replacement without it. It just saves a little time if you have the number. Finding your TV remote controls replacement online might also be cheaper, but it might take a little more time than going straight to the original equipment manufacturer.

Fix It.

Lastly, if you’ve broken your remote–and not lost it–then you can try fixing it. Purchase a TV remote controls repair kit, and then get to work. You should first remove the batteries, and then unscrew the back. Pop it open and clean the circuit board and keypad gently to remove any dirt or oils with a toothbrush and some 409. Then, follow the instructions of your repair kit to repair the buttons.

If your repair efforts fail, you can always follow one of the other tips. If you have any questions about replacing or fixing your old TV remote controls, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more: remotes.com

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