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Archive for August, 2015

3 Shocking Statistics That Will Make You Consider Upgrading Your IT Services

Network management

No matter how good you think your company’s IT services are, there’s always room for improvement. Every business is vulnerable to data loss that can set you back months and, in some cases, result in the theft of sensitive and confidential information.

Thankfully, recent advances in information technology allow these systems to cover you from every angle. Many IT services include security camera systems to protect your physical assets, in addition to the network management capabilities you’d expect from these systems. Here are three surprising facts that will force you

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What You Never Knew About Internet Marketing

Mobile app advertising

Being a business owner in today’s technologically-focused society means having to learn the ins and outs on the online world in order to build a strong brand and consumer base. However, it is not enough to build a good website if it can’t be accessed on mobile devices.

For the first time in history, smartphone and tablet apps were used more than computers in 2014 in order to get online. Additional research has also revealed that American consumers spend approximately 60% of their time on the Internet or on some sort of mobile device as opposed to traditional computers or laptops.

If you aren’t sure of how to make your website mobile-friendly — or don’t even have a website for your business — fear not! There are plenty of Read more ...

You’re Overlooking One Critical Marketing Medium

Apple digital graphics

Don’t be fooled into thinking digital media is the be-all and end-all of marketing today. When a consumer can hold your logo in their hands, that goes a heck of a lot farther than a web banner they don’t pay attention to.

Commercial printing is the key to today’s most sustained businesses. The biggest businesses have adapted to the online market, but they haven’t let their print marketing become obsolete. Consumers will remember the name of a company 80% more often when they get a promotional gift such as coupons with the company logo printed on them. Most consumers actually enjoy checking their mailbox for such communications. Here are some materials you shouldn’t forget during your next marketi

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How Don Draper Would Make a Killing From Twitter

Digital media marketing

Starting your own web based business can initially be challenging. Once you have your product or service, the real work comes in. Even though the world is becoming more and more dependent on the web each day, online marketing can still be a tricky task. With millions upon millions of web pages, advertisements and blogs, getting the word out about your product or service can sometimes end up being white noise in the void of the world wide web. However, with clever website design and a sound digital marketing strategy, you can greatly increase your odds of jumping to the front of the line. Below are some marketing and advertising tips for beginning businesses.

Branding Your Product
Branding is a simple concept if you think in terms of a cocktail party. Imagine how many people you

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The Key To Saving Energy And Money Recycling And Recharging Your Batteries

Stationary batteries

Battery failure seems like it can strike at any time. Whether you’re driving down the open road to a concert, repairing necessary equipment for a small business or rely on your phone to get you through the busy work week, quality energy storage batteries are essential in keeping our day-to-day lives running efficiently. More and more companies are pushing forth recyclable policies that ensure batteries thrown out are re-used in an attempt to reduce costs, increase efficiency and combat the impact industries have on the environment at large. Rechargeable batteries, Read more ...

Finding Good Web Hosting

What a challenge it can be to find a quality web hosting provider that has all the features you need without the huge overhead. Our site brings you hosting news as well as, weather and financial information.

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